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    I’m getting a puppy in December! I’m so excited! It’s a Mini Chocolate and Tan Dachshund! We currently have a 12 month old Cattle x Kelpie.
    Just wondering how you go about introducing two dogs of largely different size together?

    Diesel has no signs of aggression at all and is the biggest lapdog! He just wants to follow you around and play all the time. We love him.
    I would like for my Dachshund to be able to play with Diesel however I don’t know if he will be too big and might hurt her… Does anyone have any dogs that greatly differ in size? And how to they get along?

    Any assistance would be great


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    I think whatever pup you get, its going to be smaller than your 'allready' dog. I also think that being a kelpie, it will be nimble, and can get out of pups way fast when it wants. Pup is never going to be able to equal the agility and speed of a kelpie/cattle dog.
    I used a crate, with pup in crate, and brought my large GSD in and let them get to know each other through the crate for first 24hrs. The minute that pup got out of the crate, my GSD led down, so the pup could reach him.
    My dog had never shown dog aggression before, but had not met a pup since he was a pup sort of thing. so it was new n novel experience.
    Around about 3 weeks, Bernie decided that getting in pups crate and blocking the door with his butt, was a great way to get some peace!
    As to playing together, well this was a tad more toward, Bernie rounding the pup up, pup loved being chased too. Both playing their individual games, but with each other. Now a year on, and they are best mates and play throughout the day with each other and water.
    Now both of them have a new pup to play with. Bernie was gentle as a lamb, whereas Pohm decided this pup was hers, and was cleaning up after he'd peed etc from the off and tucking it in under her for a snooze in her bed.
    Cute as.
    Chill, keep the 'gently' command going, with reward for gentle behaviour.
    And congrats on your marvelous xmas present!
    Watching my 2 dogs interacting, is my TV, never a repeat, always entertaining.

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    Of course what you have to watch is your Dachie's back. So if your current dog is overfriendly I'd be watching carefully how they play until you know Diesel is gentle.

    I have dogs of different sizes and I supervise, though I pretty much know how my dogs are going to react. I have two yards and first up in the morning the excitable younger and larger dog is put into that yard with my other large breed so that he burns off that excess energy. They can interact thru the wire fence, run up and down etc but not make contact.

    After an hour or so he comes back into the yard with the other smaller dogs.

    I think it's important to keep the exercise up of the current dog, a tired dog is a happy dog.

    Have you had a chance to see how Diesel reacts around other dogs? I'd still do a proper off property introduction, just out by the road, Diesel should be on a lead and so should the pup.

    What I find more than anything is that the older dog wants to get information from the puppy & this is done by sniffing it's rear, so I put the older dog on a lead, have someone else hold the lead, gather puppy in your arms and then crouch down with the puppies rear presented to the older dog, have tiny little treats to distract puppy.

    I don't parade puppy in my arms in front of the other dog because it can make it jump and frighten puppy, I concentrate on how puppy is feeling and trust the person who has the lead of the older dog to know how it's reacting. This sniffing prevents the older dog from having to chase puppy down to get the info and overwhelming it.
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