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    Default Can you say the products company you want to talk about?


    I'm new to this and was just wondering if you can name brands of products to talk about or is that not allowed thought I would check first.


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    Hi Rach

    If you're going to slam a product, person or service - best not to mention it by name. That could get us into legal trouble for broadcasting something that may damage their business or reputation and we (or Morgan - site owner) would not be able to prove what you said/wrote was true. Not to mention just defending crap like that is expensive whether we're in the right or not.

    If you like a product and want to mention it in context - ie as part of an existing conversation - eg what dog food you like - that's probably ok. We're not the ABC.

    I'm not so keen on you starting a thread just to promote some product that you like on behalf of the business owner. That's called advertising and is not allowed without permission from the site owner. Most of us don't like blatant product promotion if the person benefitting is not helping pay for the site costs.

    And if you blatantly plug a product that is not relevant to an australian dog owner - you're going to get banned instantly. This includes Asian escorts in NY, or Dog sitting in Ireland, or furniture in melbourne plugged by someone sitting at a computer in the Philippines or other foreign place.

    I guess you could just post and see if it lives.
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    Thanks for your advice would rather check than get anyone in trouble.I have a Bullmastiff that is allergic too just about everything in the world just wanted too be clear on what I can post in my Questions.


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    It's fine to mention products that you found worked for a specific condition. There are plenty of threads that mention food brands or flea treatments for example.

    I have a cat that has a mystery allergy (possibly seasonal, but only time will tell) so I'd definitely be interested in reading a review of what has worked or not worked for your dog.

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