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    i have 3 staffies 1 with a skin condition and the other 2 ralativley i thought.
    diesel now has a bald patch right between his eyes on his head ( well just above it ) i looked to save a saw in it and sprung up over night. i took him to the vet who just told me he didnt like the look of the color of his skin underneath the baldness but otherwise just sent me home with a hefty bill and a wait and see attitude...................................well i find out its my other staffy licking his head at night. no matter how we yell he wont leave diesels poor head alone its like an addiction to him. diesel now has massive sored on his head and it looks horrible what i dont understand is why ice is doing this? diesel just sits there and takes it? what can i do to stop this? i dont really want to have to lock ice up away from the others as they all sleep together in our room on their bed?

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    Sometimes one dog will lick another by way of submission or appeasement.

    Sometimes it's an OCD thing - ie one dog is obsessing (addiction?).

    Sometimes - one dog (the lickee) has some horrible cancer or some disease and the other dog (licker) is trying to fix it. This often happens with dogs and their human owners - the dog will pay alot of attention to the body part that is unwell. I heard of one dog biting off his diabetic owner's gangreneous toes - ew. And another dog licking a cancer in its owner's knee. And they're now training dogs to identify patients with cancer and they're indicating more reliably than the traditional testing methods.

    So what do you do? You want to rule out that Diesel doesn't have some gawd awful disease.

    You also want Ice to stop licking.

    Aloe vera cactus will help with this. Get an aloe vera cactus leaf, cut it open, smear the goo on Diesel's bald patch. Let ice lick - it tastes cats bum face horrible. This might give the bald patch a chance to heal up.

    But it probably won't work by itself if the problem is mange or ring worm or some gawd awful cancer.

    Aloe vera is very good for healing wounds as long as you have enough to keep the wound covered with Ice licking it. Hopefully Ice will quit licking very soon. If Ice doesn't, you will have to find another way to stop the licking - because too much aloe vera is toxic. A little bit - ok but lots - bad.

    My brother's staffy decided that my feet were no good to lick when I put rid on to stop mozzies. no more dog licking. But I wouldn't put that stuff on a dog's head near the eyes.

    There's probably some other substances that would also stop a dog from licking - ie very bitter that are ok to put on wounds. Maybe ground up willow bark (aspirin is made from this). Willow is extremely bitter. Though Aspirin is also toxic to dogs. So maybe not.

    If the wound wasn't near the eyes, I'd also consider trying vicks vapour rub as the smell puts dogs off doing the pre-lick sniff. But it would also sting the eyes.

    failing all that - you're going to very very consistently stop Ice from licking - same as if Ice was humping. Just go get him, pull him away so he can't reach. When he looks at you, tell him he's a good dog and let him go to see what he does, if he tries to go back to licking - repeat - grab him - remove him out of reach...
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    i do the whole bad bad bad ice tone at him when we catch him at it but he is such a crafty dog he only ever does it when we go to sleep and the light is off all of a sudden you hear the lick lick lick ughhh he knows he is being naughty same as for whatever reason ( my husband says ice doesnt like to get his paws of testicles wet ) he wont go outside to the toilet when its either cold or wet or even jusr recently warm he is behaivng like a terrible puppy and he isnt he is actually the oldest dog we hav e he is 10 and he knows better its almost like he just doesnt care. my husband caught him the other day cocking his leg on our expensive lounge yelled ( did no good ) and went to swat him with the pamphlet he was reading and ice turned around and growled. OMG something is just not right with this dog anymore

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    Yelling or scolding a dog when you don't want it to do something - yes, it's not a long term solution. And it can have fallout - ie teach your dog to be naughty when you're not around.

    I said go get him and remove him - not yell at him or that tone - in fact if you use "that tone" with your dog's name - you can break your recall and your good will with your dog ie they will hear their name and think My boss is angry - I will hide/run away. And it's worse if you up the punishment to trying to hit the dog. Don't do it. You will only make your problems worse.

    It's quite common for an older dog to be come more cold sensitive and have stiff joints and not be interested in going outside. We had an Aussie terror like that. We used to carry her out into the middle of the lawn where we wanted her to go and put her down there and not let her off it until she had performed.

    Amazing how quick they learn the fastest way to get back inside is to "perform" sooner instead of delaying in the hope that the nice warm lounge will be available.

    You might want to take your dogs to the vet for a check up - find out why the licking and why the sore. Ask about skin cancer and the like.

    And if your dog's testicles are causing you or your hubby problems - you know the vet can sort that out too. Many blokes feel that some how their testicles are joined to their dog's testicles. I don't quite understand that myself but hubby won't die if the dog's testicles are removed. And you may help prevent cancer in the dog. Ask the vet about the pros and cons.

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