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Thread: dogforum - meet Brock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troppo View Post
    Awesome MMJ - get straight back on that horse! I must say your story has helped me think of the future and appreciate the time I have with Gorgeous George, aka Oscar, as he slowly but surely edges towards crippledom and a probable early demise in what is already a sadly short life (thanks to hip dyplasia). Enjoy Brock, pee and pooh and all.
    Hi Troppo, i've tried at least three times to make a post in reply to yours above but i just can't quite seem to get it right. I'm really sorry to hear about your dogs problems
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    Now that's a cute pup!
    and yep, clearly has the wrinkle brow communication plug in lol

    Brindle, my fave!
    love the white sock!
    Congratulations, on your new dude.

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    Any new photos - 'mymatejack' - please ? You have had him almost a week now !

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    Quote Originally Posted by RileyJ View Post
    Any new photos - 'mymatejack' - please ? You have had him almost a week now !
    The little bugger won't stay still for long enough lol. I'll get a few over the next few days and post em up. He's stupidly smart, after 4 days he's already going to the back door when he needs to pee, already learnt to sit without pushing food over his head, having a few issues with drop as he keeps lifting his bum when i move the food down but we'll get that sorted in the next couple of days. Basically i couldn't be happier with him, not to mention he's so damned cute ... just in time for taking him to the beach across summer and the ... ummm .. benefits of having a cute puppy lol

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    Fantastic, clever Brocky can't wait to see more photos, brindle dogs are my fave...

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    Really pleased for you - 'mymatejack' - drop - well - he has to see the reason for that !

    Stupidity smart - the more pups I have in my life - I realise that pups were always smart - it is just us humans that need to change the way we deal with things in our lives !

    As far as the beach is concerned - I really think that you need some lessons - not from me - but from Sean - he seems to know all the moves !!!!

    Can't wait for the new photos !

    Take care !

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    Well you asked for it!

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    Thank you, thank you - 'mymatejack' !

    He is just soooooo totally gorgeous ! Love the photos where he is snoozing on his back and the ones showing his 'socks' and the white on his chest - oh - just love them all !

    More please !!!

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    He's adorable ... you can see he has lot's of growing to do to grow into those huge paws

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    He is adorable. Great photos

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