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Thread: Neglected Staffy

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    Positive update. Even though some people (not here) told me I shouldn't have said anything and my reply was "who is going to talk for the animals" and both neighbours either side are not speaking to me and I don't really care for other reasons, the dog owner is now drinking her coffee and smoking her endless cigarettes out in the backyard where the dog is kept! She always did this on her front porch, so she must have taken note of my abuse. I rest my case and maximum points for the animals. I can die in peace.

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    You can train an older dog to walk nicely on lead. It involves a lot of treats (when they're in the right position), and practice in the back yard and around the house before you try to go up the street.

    How to train your dog not to pull- Loose Leash Walking - YouTube

    If you can manage dog, lead, clicker and treats - you can click when the dog happens to be in the right position (or loose lead), and then treat, if you're less co-ordinated (like me) you can say yes, instead of clicking when the dog happens to be loose lead or in the heel position (whatever criteria you're aiming for). Or you can shove a treat directly in the dog's mouth when they're where you want them - that's my fave method - requires least co-ordination.

    I agree - walking your dog in an area frequented by badly behaved big scary dogs, and oblivious owners is a bad idea. I'd be very tempted to leave a list of these dogs and their owners addresses with "dangerous" on it anonymously at your local council office.

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