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Thread: Doggy bucket list - just for fun. Note USA slant - needs adjustment for Oz

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    steal the owners kinkers or under ware or bra and run up the street with owner chasing you
    the rigth time to do this one is when the whoe street are geting there papers lol
    I love this one. No way am I giving my evil hound the opportunity.

    Though she nearly kicked the bucket herself - I don't know why it is, but Cattle dogs seem to really enjoy swinging off horse tails and most horses just let them. Frosty got very very upset later when the house horse - (it thought it was a cat), came to say hello and give Frosty a good sniff.

    Frosty has had some amusing encounters with sheep. Including being sniffed all over by my cousins' pet (poddy?) sheep. It's just so wrong when cats and sheep want to sniff and cuddle the herding dog. At least it's one way to completely freak out the herding dog.

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    Get chased by a cat would be a good one to add too. Both my previous dog and Banjo have had that experience.

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    ok here some more
    put head out of the window of a moving car and get a insten face lift
    speir tackel a footy mascot and rip the suit
    pee on a police offcer leg and run away
    a free ride in a police car
    crash a wedding
    look under brides dress
    get a laugh
    eat wedding cake
    barfth it back up
    spear tackle a fat man and start jumping on his belly
    get chase by a cat
    eat owners under were
    show the post man whos the boss
    have sex with a mans leg hold on dont let go
    dig a dich in a dirt road and whach a car get stuck in it
    get a belly rub by a hot women and staer at her boobs when shes rubing my belly lol
    bite a dog chacher in the balls and run home and hide under the bed
    drull over owners food when there no looking then whach them eat it
    pee in the mouth of a drunk who is past out on the foot path
    ride a horse
    play pussy with owners hubby then
    push him into the pool ,lake ,dam ext agan
    and sit there and laugh at him
    push over a portal dunny box when some one in side
    shit of a highway brigce when a car passing under
    pee in the pool
    piss on the wife
    piss on the hubby
    hump a tv
    hump the bed
    hump the vet
    piss on the vets shoe
    bite the vets balls
    runn away
    lick my balls in the vew of my owner the higher the better
    whach the owners hump in the bed
    tell owner to fech the ball
    more to come
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
    I'm not going to tell ya I lost the ' , . ? ! " Keys to my head
    No grammar no problem I don't know how to fly it any way Bye

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    some of those are nasty. But I'm not into poo jokes. Too unhygienic for me.

    Something my grandfather's dog did...

    Swum up to a bald guy floating on his back in calm water off the SA coast - and gently nipped him on his head. Dog mistook head for a ball - as the story goes.

    Dog was next to his boss - a long way up the beach by the time the bald guy came up for air and figured out he wasn't being eaten alive.

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    Ok I have to start this back up agen it was fun
    ok round 2
    Chew on owners christmas tree
    Test bite all the gifts under the tree
    Find my bone in my owner draw
    piss on st nick and run away
    eat a chees burger
    chase the bucket around the yard
    Chase the cat up the tree and bark at it till owners come out
    To see what I'm barking at
    kill the news paper
    chew on the new chair that owners just brot
    run around at nigth in a white sheet and scare the shit out of every one lol
    go for a run drag the owner around the park
    Then take him swimming in the lake
    go to a outdoor food place and get tied to a table
    wait till owners are eating run off with the table
    laugh at them
    howl on new year
    Whach fireworks
    get spooked by fireworks
    drag owner away from the show
    take my first shit on the sidewalk infront of some police
    look sorry after I did it
    get pats from the police
    bark in the car
    more to come lol I love making this up lol
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
    I'm not going to tell ya I lost the ' , . ? ! " Keys to my head
    No grammar no problem I don't know how to fly it any way Bye

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    my dog has a natural knack for these... (true stories)

    pee on grandma's pool deck
    and her dolphin sculptures.
    poo on hay bale at the Bark Park
    and through fencing
    and as high up on trees as possible.
    shred zippers on pants, jackets, coats. owner should clean up more...
    get into the trash and eat left overs every night
    swallow a penny
    barf on the rug
    make owner clean up said leftovers and penny
    have Nookie with owner's man-friend's dog.
    ignore her while pregnant
    rile up the babies who are soo not mine at 630 every morning.
    annoy owner to take me out, whine to get back in immediately. repeat all day.

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