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Thread: Day out in the country

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    Default Day out in the country

    We went to visit a friend who recently bought a rural property. Banjo got to come, after we'd taken her for a decent walk and swim.

    She had such a ball! When we arrived I got told the chooks were free-ranging, so I put Banjo on the lead and did some LAT training. With some success. The chooks all went into the pen though and we closed it so I could let Banjo off. She spent a fair chunk of our time there running round the pen after that. The owner said it was ok, so I let her until she lost interest.

    They also had 3 alpacas!!! I was told they hated dogs and no dog would chase them. Then Banjo did... And the resident dog joined in out of solidarity. No harm was done though and the next time Banjo gave chase she actually did come back immediately when I called.

    Then she got to meet a shingleback lizard. She barked at it. Didn't touch it though, which is great as they are very snake like.

    The resident dog didn't like her at all at first (she liked me a lot and I her) but when we went for a walk around the dam they had a swim and a run together. And also rolled in some alpaca poo...

    Banjo just had the most awesome day and is now completely crashed out on the bed. I do regret not taking any pics...

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    Sounds like you all had a ball!
    It's always the way, you don't have a camera with you when you want one!

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    What a lovely day for you n banjo.
    and all those 'new' triggers, and banjo recalls. Amazing Beloz. It brings a smile to my face, the growth in your two's relationship this last year. You are now a team, your better than an alpaca, and a mate to round them up with!

    Gorgeous. Glad banjo did you proud

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