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Thread: How to dispose of a dogs body?

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    Sorry about that MMJ , I'm in NSW and its ok to use the tip up here ( not that many would I dont think)
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    It is always a sad time when you know you are going to lose a dog. I have 2 of mine buried at a pet cemetary as where I lived at the time cremation wasnt available. I have on a couple of occassions gone back to the pet cemetary which was on a local farm and wandered among the many little headstones with such beautiful messages on them for many loved pets. Unfortunately now I live very far away from it.

    My last dog I had cremated and I still have her little velvet bag of ashes which I am waiting for the perfect day to spread on my own farm. I think my next dog I will also have cremated. I guess I could bury a dogs body on my farm but I think the foxes would dig it up.
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    We have our own pet cemetery on the farm. Luckily hubby has the tractor with a bucket to dig a deep hole. Stones placed on top, Kala, would discourage foxes.

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    Sorry to hear about Jack's condition. I hope he can stay with you a bit longer and that he has a peaceful ending when the time is here.

    I personally could not deal with my last dog's body. I had to get someone to take it away for me, but I liked the idea of spreading her ashes in the river she loved so much and thinking that she would now be part of the whole ecosystem that way. It was a bit different than most too because she died very unexpectedly.

    The burial of my ex's dog was really beautiful. He invited people who had been close to the dog over and the vet PTS'd her at home. We then buried her (my old dog was still a pup and laid on the edge of the grave looking down as it was filled) and held a wake that afternoon. I thought it was a very fitting send-off for a very special dog.

    I thought of whether I would consider burying a dog in the bush somewhere. Even if it is against the rules, no one would ever know and as long as you do it properly, it doesn't do anyone any harm.

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    Very sorry that Jack is not well.

    I understand that you want to be prepared and probably thinking/planning the burial is better done now than when you will be consumed with grief. Though I certainly hope it's a while away yet.

    I've always buried my pets at home, it doesn't worry me that I leave than home and move on, it was theirs at the time and they are now a body returned to the earth.

    Whatever option you have to take, due to space, money etc just remember that it's his life that is important not what or where he is after his death, other than of course making us feel better, which is important as well, but not to Jack.

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