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    I have a beautiful pure white 5 year old desexed male boy boxer who is deaf he picked up basic obedience very quickly and dose it whenever asked aslong as he can see you lol however he still jumps on people who come in the house except for immediate family and cannot master stay or come consistantly any help would be greatly appreciated. Also anyone who can recommend a tear stain remover that dose'nt smell like nail polish remover or a great whitening shampoo would make my day . My second issue is with his friend Sophie who is a american bulldog x american staffy (also 5 years old) she suffers from anxiety and is extremely neurotic she will bark constantly at even the smallest noise i am just about at my wits end with her. I got her from a guy when she was approx 6 months old and i believe she was mistreated and never taught basic social skills and so forth as most puppies who live with families are i have tried everything that i know and she is only getting worse i do not want to put her on valium and other such tranquilisers but it cant be good for her to be so stressed any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Flostar!

    My dog was and still often is a terrible jumper. For visitors, I now use time-out which seems to work fairly well. So if she jumps or attempts to jump, she gets put in the laundry immediately for 30-60 seconds. Then I let her out to show she can be polite. If she can't, back in the laundry. The first times I did this I had to do it a few times. These days I only have to do it once for her to start really trying to keep those 4 paws on the ground! But she does still regress sometimes, so I'll have to keep using this method for a while longer. But she's under 2...

    Recall just takes lots of practice in lots of different situations with lots of high value rewards. Make sure you don't call him only when you leave, etc. You want to do lots of call/come/reward/release exercises. Must be a lot harder when he has to be looking at you before you give the command though!

    No idea about the other dog's issues. I know some here have successfully used a thunder shirt for anxious dogs. Also crate training might help. I wish I had done both of those with my old dog who was moderately anxious (and terrified of thunder storms). It may also be worth having the dog assessed by a good behavioural trainer. If you post where you are located, there will be someone here who can give you a recommendation.

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    I've heard that Bachs Rescue Remedy is great for anxious dogs, it might be worth trying for Sophie.
    Good luck

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    Our dog is very scared of the wind. It was really bad to an extend where we would not get any sleep if it was only a little windy because he'd try to lie on our heads, pant in our ears and pace around our bed all night. Then we bought him a thundershirt and found it works wonders. It's a huge difference and after about 6 months or so wearing it (not constantly of course but when it was windy) he started to make progress. These days we hardly need it because nowadays it has to get pretty stormy for him to react.

    a link...:

    There is also already a Thundershirt threat:
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    Hi flostar
    my brother has a boxer, who jumped up all his life.
    i have a rottie, who in the past week, has recommenced this behaviour, having lost it for about 6 months. So it appears to be a relapsing behaviour.
    Like Beloz said, we use time out. Very effective as she only jumps to greet when someone comes, she's desperate to get hugs from anyone coming in. so its taking about 2 times of being put out after jumping, for her to not jump so she can stay and get what she wants from visitors. A cuddle.

    Tear staining. There is a section here on grooming, you're sure to find something in there. And lots of show people, who will know these tricks of trade. I agree, it does usually smell like nail varnish remover. Uggh.

    I cant really offer anything re nervous dogs. But can someone put up a link to BAT LAT please?

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    Teach stay and come - in front of his dinner bowl. Start with very short times and build up. Have a clear hand signal to give him permission to eat. I do a wave from dog towards food for my dog - and a word cos she's not deaf but she goes on the hand signal more reliably.

    Ask him to stay for 1/2 a start with. When you've built up to 30 seconds - put him just to the left side of the food bowl instead of in front of it. and you stand in front and call him to you with your hand signal. Putting your hand up like you want the teacher's attention is a good signal because it can be seen from a long way away. You may need a lure of some yummy treat to get him to move to you instead of his dinner to start with but do hand signal with one hand and lure with the other - after you've put your hand up. Treat when he comes to you.

    Try variations on this to get a hand signal that gets him moving and then stick with that. Maybe if the wave at the food one works - start with your hand down and wave it up to high as a variation on that, and stand right next to his dinner but reward him when he's in front of you. You may have to step between him and his dinner to start with and reward him in front of you so he gets the idea he's coming to you instead of dinner. Then get him to sit in front of his dinner and release him to his dinner.

    Also use the hand signal when he's already coming at you full blast... so he connects the signal with coming to you and reward him with something he likes when he gets to you. All the boxers I know love food and butt rubs above the tail.

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