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Thread: I'm thinking of getting a siberian husky, any advice?

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    Default I'm thinking of getting a siberian husky, any advice?

    I'm thinking of getting a siberian husky.

    I'd love any advice from someone who owns/has owned one.

    Also, I've heard they are amazing escape artist, is this true?

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    You heard right.. lol. I used to have a friend who had one, they are awesome. They love to talk, and be with you all the time. I wouldnt get one if someone around you has chickens or anything but they can be desensatized... it's all how they grow up.
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    I'm not sure if it's in all states but I think in some Australian states, huskies aren't allowed off lead in public unless in an enclosed area. I personally don't think Any dog should be allowed off lead, even in an enclosed area with other dogs, unless it is verbally controlled by the owner. If there are NO other dogs in the enclosed area and there's only one way in/out then I'd use that as an exception, as long as you could grab your dog of someone came. I'm sure there would be other people here that disagree with that though.

    Huskies are bred for extreme long distance running and will probably destroy you house if not properly stimulated each day. Not all, but most are like this.

    They're a beautiful dog but you need to put in the work, as they are no couch potato.

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    I live next door to two. Lovely friendly dogs BUT yes they escape, have gone thru periods of time where they have had to be chained up, have knocked their owners over getting out the door past them so that they can escape. Have killed sheep and goats and chickens, yet live with their family cat.

    I've done some training with them and they are now harnessing them daily and running them, owners are on bikes. Now they say the dogs are looking at them and waiting to be taken out for their daily run instead of scanning the fence line looking for opportunities to go over. They were bred to run and run they do over very long distances.

    There is another couple of huskies also in the area that are often out of their yard. My friend used to show huskies, only has an old girl left and even she is watched carefully.

    We live semi rural so large acre + yards and they still desire to roam. If you look up the standard and read some background on them you will see the reason why they love to roam, if you look on husky rescue you will also see how many are in need of rescuing.

    But I do love them, smart, beautiful, lovely tempered animals.

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    I love Huskies and when we started thinking of a dog we were also thinking of a getting a Husky. For a very short time. Then I found a few clips on youtube and being new dog owners we realised that we would be no match for a Husky:

    Husky escapist - YouTube

    But what really got to me was this:
    Warning about Huskies - YouTube

    Now we own a LabX He sheds too but at least he doesn't escape

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    lol that second one was enough to put me off margoo

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    Hi there,

    We have 3 of them, and we love them. They are a fantastic breed but i would not recommend them to everyone.

    They are amazing escape artists, well i wouldn't call it amazing, it's more of a pain in the rear-end. Brooklyn is our escape artist, he doesn't do it anymore as we have worked really hard with him on it and our house is more secure than fort knox, but there was a point when he would shimmy himself between the fence and the tree to get over the fence and out of our yard, he can fit through a cat door, he squeezes through holes in gates and fences etc. It can be worked on, but it comes with the territory, they have a high prey drive and a lot of determination.

    There is a lot you need to know about a husky before you actually buy one, as i said earlier they are not for everyone, i do not recommend them as a first time pet/dog.

    Some pros and cons would be

    Pros: beautiful, loyal, They are not big barkers, great for an active person as they have high stamina and lots of energy, do not over eat, they only eat as much as they need to keep them satisfied and maintain energy, talkative, have funny and great personalities, playful, independent, incredibly smart, don't have a strong stench, do not require bathing often, clean themselves, beautiful nature and tempered, good with kids.

    Cons: high energy- if you are not an active person then do not get one, there is a saying among husky owners that goes "a sleepy husky is a happy husky", it is very true a bored or hyper husky can be destructive, we try and walk our 3 at least 3 kms every night and then they get a big 10km + walk on the weekend. They also need some form of mental stimulus.
    stubborn - training a husky can be harder then training other breeds as they are quite an independent breed and also stubborn, if they don't want to do something then they will not do it, you need to be just as stubborn if not more and do not give up on training as they need it more then any other breed i would say.
    escape artist- if there is a way to escape then a husky will find it, you need to have fort knox, if you can climb it or fit a fist through it then fix it, your fence will need to be 6ft or above anything less then that and they clear it easily.
    Hair- they shed, all the time. They go through two big sheds every year where they completely lose their undercoat around summer and winter, this usually goes for a few weeks so they require constant brushing, between these times they still lose a lot of hair, so the vacuum gets a big work out.
    Digging - they love to dig, in anything and everything, it can be trained and controlled but you can't get rid of it, it comes with the territory.

    I do not want to sound like i am trying to put you off getting a husky, as i said i have 3 and love them, will always have huskies, but i have seen a lot of people get huskies and then give them away or send them to the pound because they are not willing to put the effort in or they think they are destructive when really they are bored or they just like them because they look pretty or they escape and were not prepared for it so rather then working on it they get rid of it. I like to make sure prospective husky owners are 100% aware of everything (good and bad) before they buy a Husky.

    If you have any questions about them i would be more than happy to answer them and give you any info you may need, i recommend doing you own research as well and finding out everything you can about them, if you know any husky owners then ask them questions also.
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