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Thread: Dog viciously kicked in dog park

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    Default Dog viciously kicked in dog park

    Hi all,

    I was at a local dog park (off leash area) picking up my dog's poo when I saw a small dog run up to my dog, barking at it and then latch my dog's jowls. My dog then started to shake his head in an effort to get the small dog off. I immediately started walking towards my bigger dog and saw the small dog owner viciously kick my dog repeatedly (big solid kicks). I started running and when I got there I yelled at him asking him why he kicked my dog. He said that my dog had seriously injured his dog. I was just so shocked and angry that I froze. I then said to him that is not what I saw happen and asked how his dog can be seriously injured when there is no blood and his dog was still running around and chasing things while mine was limping and yelping in severe pain. I then asked him to wait while I call the dog ranger to come and sort it out. He screamed some profanities at me and walked off.

    I took my dog immediately to the vet and my dog has fractured ribs and bruising. I am just so angry at myself for freezing and for not protecting my dog. I have taken my 14 year old dog to this particular dog park for the past 5 years and there has never ever been an incident at the park or anywhere else.

    I know the man is also a local because I often see his him and his female companion with their yappy little black dog at the park. Can I put up some notices around the park for people to help me identify this man? I have called the RSPCA and police but because I can't ID the guy there's not much they can do.

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    That's absolutely horrible, I'm sorry that happened to your dog. I really wish there were witnesses to help back up your case and have something done about this person. I can understand someone defending their dog (if that's what he thought he was doing if he didn't see the whole situation) but to go so far as to fracture your dogs ribs is a bit extreme and brutal. I hope you can get somewhere with this

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    And this would be why I don't like fenced dog parks.

    I can imagine kicking a dog to keep it from attacking my dog... but I wouldn't kick someone else's dog if my dog was attacking it.

    It shouldn't be too hard to get an id of the little black dog if it's wearing a rego tag or to pay attention to what car the people arrived in and get their licence plate. Or even follow them home if you have to.

    It's a bit pathetic nobody will do anything cos you can't id the person. It wouldn't be that way if the injured animal was a human child.

    If I were you, I wouldn't put notices up - because he will see them. I would make the police and RSPCA take my statement and I would ask around my friends at the dog park to get any id info they can on the bloke in question. Eg dog rego, car licence plate, home address...

    If the dog is not wearing a rego tag - the council are suppposed to enforce that (in SA at least). So if the ranger won't come - I would be discussing the problem with my council elected rep or my state elected rep.

    You do have a slight problem with who attacked who - and it's his (and his partner's) word against yours, so you might want to gather some corroborating witnesses too.

    And think about what would make it right for you? He pays the vet bills, gets a fine or something for animal cruelty, apologises (tho that won't mean much from someone like him) and never comes back to the dog park?

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    i'd be going back there everyday and getting his car rego or following him home to get his home address like hyacinth suggested. Also like hyacinth suggested, i'd be talking to anyone who you think may have witnessed this incident. I hate little yappy things and their deadbeat owners(i know, there are some good ones but they are far from the majority)

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    Good luck identifying the man. Sadly there are too many ignorant aggressive humans out there.
    Your dog must be suffering. I hope it doesn't put him/her off men.

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    Oh your poor dog that made me mad just reading it so I can't imagine how you would feel. Hyacinths advice is fantastic. Definetly don't put up signs because he will know you are looking for him. Try and find any witnesses and maybe keep an eye out on his dog and see if it happens again to any other owners and their pets. Maybe the dog could be declared dangerous and it could stop it happening to other people in the future!

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    The laws in NSW are if a dog 'attacks' another dog or human (and be aware that 'attack' in this law means lunged at or approached in a threatening manner) then it is an on the spot $500 fine and 1 strike. If it is taken further than that strike is turned into a dangerous dog tag. If its not taken further and it happens again, it is another $500 fine and instant dangerous dog tag. It is then upto the owners to fight it in court and they 21 days to lodge their appeal against it.

    I think its disgusting that in this day and age someone can lay into a dog enough to break ribs.
    Having said that though....if tables were turned I would also be quite capable of kicking a dog that was harming mine.
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    I hate dog parks...

    Hope your dog is OK
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    Thanks for all the perspectives.

    I'm going to go back there this arvo and see if that man is there again and hopefully follow him home to get his address and see if I can find the girl who comforted me after it happened. I remember there was also one other family at the park during the time but they were at the other end so not sure if they saw anything.

    I understand what you guys are saying about maybe that he didn't see what happened and thought that my dog attacked his one first but to keep kicking even after his wife/gf have picked their dog up and mine was cowering was just excessive.

    If he truly feels that he is right, why didn't he stick around and wait for the dog ranger to turn up? There were no visible injuries on his dog at all. None. His justification for the attack was that my dog seriously injured his. Why didn't you wait around for the dog ranger and have him/she decide? I think he walked away because he knew that one look at his dog will show that it's definitely not seriously injured or even injured.

    My dog is now cowering under the table and refuses to eat. I've tried tempting him with his favourite baked chicken breast but he still won't eat. It's just heartbreaking to watch him in this way.

    I will never take him back to that park ever again. I've taken him there because he just loves other dogs and plays with everyone (all shapes and sizes). I'm aware that my dog is bigger than the little ones so when they are around, I always keep a close eye on him because I often find its the owners who are the problem.

    It's great that there are laws to protect us when we are attacked. I only wish that there are laws to protect our beloved canine family members.

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    I am so sorry Emmeline, what a horrible ordeal for you and your dog.
    Do not ever give up looking for this person.
    If there is a another park nearby go and look for him there also.
    He has to walk his dog somewhere, even around the streets.
    I realy hope you can find his house.

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