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Thread: read this from our club forum - warning animal cruelty story

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    Default read this from our club forum - warning animal cruelty story

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    Give him to me for an hour , I'll chase him around my back yard telling him what I'm going to do to him

    I'm a bit worried though that they wont give Queenie long enough to recover from this hell and will deem her unsuitable for rehoming....hope it all turns out well in the end.
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    Hmmm (edit). Just wish he was in Bundy instead of bloody Melbourne.

    I dont do facebook....surely this sad f#ker has a fb page. I suggest someone trolls the f out of him.

    What a piece of $h!t.
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    I am not going to read the story, sorry too sad - but if he is banned from "owning a dog" for 10 years
    that is a piddling punishment. He should get prison time.

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    I agree prison sentences should be given out MUCH MORE frequently......

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    cant find him on facebook
    karma police can though

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    Intellectually disabled or not, if he did that to a human he would spend time in a facility - mental or jail - who cares. He should be put away. Banning him from owning a dog does not stop him from kicking the stuffing out of some unsuspecting persons dog walking down the public road.
    And if he cannot afford to pay the fine, make the a**wipe work it off in the pound, under close supervision of course.
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    Just a warning people.

    I don't care how much this sick person deserves bad things happenning, but we shouldn't be making threats or inciting people to break the law on a public internet forum.

    I've edited a few posts that I felt were sailing a bit too close to the line.

    This web page gets a bit more specific about where things can go wrong.
    ACMA - Online social networking: Could what you&rsquo;re doing online be illegal?

    Personally - I feel people who are a threat to our safety should be locked up long term.

    People who haven't paid parking tickets, or have been caught with drugs (but not threatening anyone's safety) - should not be in jail.

    And anyone who is in jail that has not got a forever sentence - we should be training in socially acceptable behaviour and the means to support themselves legally when they do get out, so they can live right when they are eventually released.

    And I'm for institutionalising people who are mentally impaired - so they can't harm people or pets etc.

    And anyone who is locked up - should be included in psych studies to find out why they offended and what we can do to prevent them doing it again, and other people from ever doing the crime.

    pardon my dodgy grammar...

    Anyway - you're allowed to say what happened is heinous (attrocious) and that the guy should be locked up in govt prison forever, but not how you personally will sort it or suggesting other people sort it in vigilante style.

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