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Thread: Does the chewing ever stop!?

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    Default Does the chewing ever stop!?

    Hi Guys,

    Been lurking on here a lot and have worked up the courage to ask some advice.

    We have a 16 month old bull arab x german shephard (vet thinks, he is from RSPCA, got him when he was 5 months old) that is chewing every single 'day bed' we buy him! He wont touch his proper bed in his kennel, just the one he likes to lie on during the day. When it is destroyed he lies in the spot it normally is, on the cold concrete with a miserable look on his face lol

    We have tried stop chew to no avail, he chews it anyway. We bury treats in his sandpit for him to dig up everyday, he gets a marrow bone every week, plus other chewy stinky goodies and toys that he loves to disembowel on a regular basis.

    He is walked once a day (a big 40min one) or he goes to the dog park to play (his favourite, and he only goes max 3 times a week) and we also play with him, but we just can't seem to wear him out? Even when he was walked twice a day, he was just getting too fit and harder to keep occupied so we have dropped the exercise right back and tried more mentally stimulating training to no avail. When teaching him to beg and shake recently - we have found that he gets really, really excited and starts to go silly? He is also not overly food motivated - he is for about 15mins then he is over it. Either too excited to think straight or in the case of puppy school/basic obedience 12 months ago, he got bored (Our sessions last no longer than 15 - 20mins absolute max) Even the trainer had a trouble motivating him and getting his attention (she works with working dogs)

    He is very focused on other dogs and is very much the social butterfly. He would much rather be with other dogs than us and unfortunately we do not have a big enough property for him to have a canine companion (hence the regular dog park visits) unless it was a small dog

    He also loves coming out to my horses with me and loves wandering the property - I guess what I am really asking is if he would be happier elsewhere with someone who would give him a job to do?

    Please don't get me wrong, we love him dearly and Im not on here looking for a new home for him, we are just getting paranoid that he is bored out of his mind and we are out of ideas.

    He does have beautiful manners but this chewing thing and the extreme excitment at learning new things screams boredom to me and we can't offer him anymore than what we already do

    We decided to get a dog 12 months ago as a companion for us (I have a cat also but she does not want a bar of my fiance lol) We were not after a working breed as while we are an active young couple, we are gym active during the week and take him out places on the weekend, we are not after a competing a dog in agility or anything so tried to steer clear of GSD's, cattle dogs, border collies, high energy intelligent breeds etc. Went to the RSPCA and met a bull arab x and think 'hmmm not anything we came across in our research, but he is incredibly laid back fellow (and still is despite a couple of triggers) so we adopted him, and 12 months later getting paranoid we are not the right type of people for him

    Sorry if this makes no sense - we want our boy to be happy sane member of society. Is this just normal part of puppyhood and I am being really silly??

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    No questions are silly on this forum, as you would have discovered when looking around

    Can feel your pain and confusion in your questions. I know that you will get some wonderful and helpful advice on how to ensure your fur child is happy and healthy in your care. You will also get reassurance that you are doing wonderful things as a fur child parent.

    I myself am still learning how to be the best mother for my fur child. I look forward to reading the wonderful and realistic advice you will soon recieve here. Would love to see some pics.
    “All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For after all, he was only human. He wasn't a dog.”
    ― Charles M. Schulz

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    Sometimes dogs just aren't right for the family they are in. It's no ones fault really but we can't tell you the answer to that either. Bella is a chewer, she is 2 and a half and still will destroy anything she can get, including numerous beds. He has Harley and a cat to play with so certainly isn't bored... Just naughty! Lol maybe just not replace his day bed. Maybe a few more bones through out the week too, just meaty ones or chicken frames as I think to much marrow can make them fatties.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Oskar is 15 months old and still chews like crazy lol.

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    He is a terrible teen, believe me dogs go thru that horrible stage as well.

    Dogs are a lot of work, some more than others.

    If I was you I wouldn't bother with a proper day bed. I go to the carpet factory and get carpet off cuts and put them by the back door and also have hessian trampoline beds.

    My Whippets leave all the bedding along but my young Saluki today destroyed a bed he took out of the kennel. I'm used to it and don't bat a eye lid. I'll go to Vinnies and get an old doona or something to replace it. At the moment we have a big storm going on and he's outside chasing the light across the lawn thrown by flashes of lightening.

    You've just got to find some thing that works. Once he reaches maturity at about 2 yrs + you can buy a special harness and a scooter and walk him that way, or a harness with weights. My next doors Sibs are escape artists and have killed sheep, I suggested a harness for a scooter and the weight pulling and the dogs haven't gone walk about since and they tell me the dogs are always watching them and waiting for their harnesses to go on.

    But if you're not up for it, go to the trouble of finding him a good home or getting help from a rescue to rehome him.

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    Thanks for your replies - the carpet is a great idea! Yes we are new to dog ownership - him being our first, and really don't want to see him go. He doesn't chew anything else, just his bedding! And there is no way he would ever go back to the RSPCA - if it came to it I would take the time to rehome him myself

    I don't think it has come to that though - MAC you are right we need to keep looking for what works. Thankyou so much for the bedding ideas! Rookie error on getting him nice beds all the time As for the training well...perhaps with age? It is very, very hard to keep his attention with other dogs around. And the harness idea is great!! He is a big boy - he would love that.

    Thankyou so much everyone. Having a dog is so enjoyable when we are not stressing about him being bored that's why he turns into destructor!

    Here is Saxon - the greatest cricket hunter there ever was


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    Cracker - I could have written your post (without the part about the horses).
    We have had Hooch for 5 months now (rescued) and had a rough start with him. He ate his bed - will try to take photos for you, he ate his kennel and ate my indoor and outdoor *expensive* furniture. We have a small back yard so we had to find the right toys to stimulate his mind when we both go to work.
    We are leaving him mountains of things now every single time we leave and we have to organise leaving.. cant just up and go or he WILL eat up whatever is left of my outdoors. But I have to say it is getting so much better.
    We got him a Kong dispenser, an everlasting dispensing ball, we stick dental sticks in his Kong bone (on both sides, small bits so he has to work to get it out), bungee chook hanging, any toy that has a hole we stick something in it lol. Cribstop paste was a godsend.. smeared on all the prone-to-chewing places (like hose, his kennel's roof, swing, whatever was left of the outdoor settings, bbq etc). We do it every time and we do it all. I cannot believe how well its working but it is hard work and we have to make sure we keep it up.
    Like your dog, Hooch is a doggie dog - he prefers dog's company to ours (I find it quite offending.. I know I will be the mother in law from hell - and it is starting with the dog lol)
    I hope Saxon grows out of it one way or another. He is so cute.

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    He is such a handsome boy.

    He should get better from here on as he matures.
    Please do not think that he will be happier on a "property/acreage" he is happy with YOU, his family.

    Its great that he hunts crickets, my boy does that also,(GSPXX).
    Snoopy always has marrow bones available, he enjoys burying them, digging them up and burying
    them again somewhere else. He has a cow hoof for bedtime as we prefer not to have stinky bones
    in our bedroom at night. Having GSP genes means the dog was born to sleep on our bed.

    Just try to spend more time with him, (quiet time, just sit together looking at birds... I do a fair bit of
    that here!) or sometimes I make a cheese sandwich and sit on the steps and share it with him,
    little pieces, one for me, one for you. Quiet and Calm. (big nod to Newfsie..)

    Is he alone during the day? Is that why he chews up the daybed?
    It could help if he has a view, eg is able to "keep watch".
    Dogs (and even Cats) regard this as important work, which it is.

    I hope it works out for you.

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    It can take a while to make a connection with some dogs. And don't forget it's so much easier to deal with a dog that has a love of other dogs than one that is dog aggressive. When you get one of those then you've got big problems.

    Just remember your boy is not fully mature so you have to watch the exercise levels. The neighbours Sibs are 4 and 5 years so all bones and joints are fully formed unlike your boy. They have also invested in a proper pulling harness so that the weight is distributed properly, purchased on line, not just a car or walking harness.

    But you could start with a harness & bike or scooter on a soft surface (grassed oval), will mean more work for you but the cardio would cut down a day at the gym!

    Bones, big bones are great for the chewer and mine love plastic coke bottles to chase around, especially on hard surfaces.

    And the good old local obedience club (cheap to join) is a great source of help, they can meet your dog, see him in action and help you out. You'll find you are not the only owner going thru the same thing. Don't worry that he focuses on other dogs, a good club will help teach you how to get that focus back on you with time and dedication.
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    Hi Cracker, welcome to you and the very handsome Saxon. I got my 4 month old boxer about 11.5 months ago, she's beautiful but when she's on a "seek and destroy" mission, it can be soul destroying to arrive home from work and see what she's chewed into bite size pieces.

    I know exactly what you mean about too much walking = a fit dog who wants to walk more ... I've stopped every day walks and luckily Ruby has become a lot more laid back and she loves her big weekend walks for hours on end, and it works much better for us.

    I have started to get her to catch things, it tires her out. I found this packet of three furry balls it was about $10, they have squeakers in them and they are oval shaped (bit smaller than tennis ball size) and I get her to sit opposite me and I lob it up in the air and when she catches it, I make a big fuss and she goes crazy, runs around the room with it, squeaking it like crazy, then brings it back and I do that for up to half an hour (while watching tv), she loves it and even after 20-30 minutes, she lies down on the floor, absolutely knackered!

    I recently bought her this ball from Kmart, it's hollow with holes in it, I'll try and get a photo, she LOVES it, we say Ruby where's the green ball with the holes in it? and she runs around the house and brings it back

    Green Ball with Holes in it.jpg

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