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Thread: Does the chewing ever stop!?

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    My Bull mastiff was the same, chewed up the corners of my ourdoor chairs (tub chairs), so I went out and got him his own - he felt safe in the rounded tub chair and it was either boredom or due to teething he continued to chew it. Sometimes doesnt matter what you do, or how many toys they have, they just want to chew. We have about 30 different toys, and every night we change them up, including kong toys and other treat dispensers and he would still chew his chair. the back of it is almost gone and we used to hide it when visitors came because it looked gross! But he is just over 12months now and has finally stopped and is finally sleeping in his kennel. He's not the smartest dog(or its more stubborness then smarts) but as someone else said here, its not just physical stimulation its mental as well. Mine loves chicken and dried kydney treats, but get him outside where there are other people and dogs and he just wants to play. I do all training in the back yard after I take him out for a walk and teach him to be calm. There are a lot of dogs that come to their fences and bark and jump, Until he is calm I let him get closer (I know the dogs so its not a problem, if you dont know them I'd ask the owners).

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    My kelpie was the same.. Except she barked at birds all day, when she wasn't getting attention. lol But i made the mistake of rehoming her. I regrett it now... I don't know if you'd regrett it! But don't do it! you will be glad you didnt!
    No one loves you like your dog does.

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    Bernie took out a door yesterday. he's four.
    reason? The daily exercise in the morning was left to a 16 yr old barnacle who lives with us. True to most 16yr old, she did bugger all all day long, and bunged in a quick fetch session in paddock just before i got home from work.

    Detective inspector mum here noticed because: 1. the dishwasher was still running, having only been put on late in day. Bernie's fur was wet from the long grass. Even though he's supposedly had 7 hrs to dry off from when she was sposed to of taken him.

    Result: chewed off and broken door.
    so yeah, not sure when chewing stops?

    But barnacles move out, so im trying to stay positive.

    For rehoming: 1 lazy, insulent, moody, vengeful, lying teenager, comes with bedding, and a life time supply of angst. Any takers?

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    Bahahahaha!!! 'Barnacle' love it, what an apt name for teenagers LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekhbet View Post
    Get a timber pallet and a few sheets of offcut carpet. Layer them, then screw them down to the pallet. Screw a timber frame around the edges on top of it all so he cant get to the carpet edges and tear them.

    Doesnt look massively pretty but does the job until he grows out of it.
    This is what I did for my young bed destroyers. Works a treat. My youngsters tore apart any bed when I left them on their own or hadnt had time to exercise them properly, untill I did this. Fortunately they got over it when they got a bit older.

    Mine are working breeds so with them exercise is everything. Sure they are very fit but they need their exercise, for them it chills them right out.

    I had one cattle dog once that was almost impossible to wear out untill I started swimming her. Low impact and it really burned the energy in a much shorter period of time. Just what she needed.

    Lots of good tips for you in the posts above. Sometimes it just takes awhile when they are teenagers. It nearly always gets better.
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