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Thread: Does the chewing ever stop!?

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    dog bed chewing.
    Over the last decade, i have discovered that my dogs (4 in total) have chewed every damn expensive bed ive tried. Except...
    Fake fur blankets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cracker View Post
    Thanks for your replies - the carpet is a great idea! Yes we are new to dog ownership - him being our first, and really don't want to see him go. He doesn't chew anything else, just his bedding! And there is no way he would ever go back to the RSPCA - if it came to it I would take the time to rehome him myself

    I don't think it has come to that though - MAC you are right we need to keep looking for what works. Thankyou so much for the bedding ideas! Rookie error on getting him nice beds all the time As for the training well...perhaps with age? It is very, very hard to keep his attention with other dogs around. And the harness idea is great!! He is a big boy - he would love that.

    Thankyou so much everyone. Having a dog is so enjoyable when we are not stressing about him being bored that's why he turns into destructor!

    Here is Saxon - the greatest cricket hunter there ever was

    Attachment 10036
    Wow, that is a very good looking dog. He is a powerful working dog and he will be high maintenance. He will be your pride and joy and the envy of other dog owners depending on how much effort you put into training him.

    Make sure he has burned off a bit of energy before you try to train him, if he's too buzzed he won't be able to concentrate. If he jumps around and acts the fool, turn away and ignore him until he's calm. Do not let him associate annoying behavior with positive attention.

    I strongly encourage you to start recall training as soon as possible. The younger you start and the more practice he gets, the more reliable he will be for the rest of his life. You can do this very easily by waiting until he's hungry, then feeding him his meals by hand when he returns to your whistle. Make sure there are no distractions. Stop giving him bones and treats for free, he will learn to take them for granted and get bored with them. Dogs like to work for their food, so only give him a food treat when he's done something good or after an exercise. In a dog's mind, the harder he has to work for it, the higher its value.

    When you're in the park, first only call him when he is already running in your direction. Give him a smelly treat and enthusiastic affection so returning to you is a good thing. Resist the urge to keep calling him over and over again, because this will turn the command into annoying background noise for him. Try to catch him coincidentally running towards you and make him think it was your idea. Every time he returns to you for whatever reason, give him a very positive experience. After a while start challenging him and call when there are distractions. This will gradually condition his brain to return to you without hesitation.

    Do a bit of digging in his personality and find out what he likes and what motivates him. It might be a food or a ball or a silly voice. Use this to reward the behaviours you want.

    Trust me, you'll be glad you started early. Watching your puppy grow to become more disciplined and more obedient is a fantastic feeling, it gives you a real sense of achievement.
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    You also need to tire him out with lots of running, teaching him to run next to your bike is the easiest way to do this. Start off very slow and gradually get faster.

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    Thankyou everyone for the great replies The past week we have dropped the exercise right back and the past 2 days we are already noticing the difference in him for the better

    We have a lot of things to try now with him thanks so much again. He is a very gentle boy but his attention span, well... even with his favourite treats (cheese and roast chook that he only gets when we are learning) just don't cut it sometimes.

    Also, he has a kong and another ball that gets slimy and hard to hold as they slobber over it - but he will only try for a little while, get a bit of the goodies out and then is bored. We also use the coke bottles - he loved them frozen last summer

    Anyway, I have lots to try with him and we will definitely enrol him in the local obedience club. He think we would all benefit from that

    The bike riding is also something we have considered but we will have to take him to more training because he doesn't look where he is walking/running and would cross in front of the bike. He regularly runs into trees etc because he is too busy to watch where those feet are going lol

    And I'm going to say thankyou again for the thousandth time

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    I'm one of those people who regularly starts worrying that my dog is not as happy as she can be. Especially with the being bored... But then I have to start telling myself that there are so, so many dogs worse off than she is and if I do the best I can for her, I'm giving her a great life.

    And from the slimy ball remark, I would say: get a $5 ball thrower! I use the hi-bounce balls with them. They really do bounce! My dog likes chasing them much more than tennis balls (which she usually just destroys) and they don't get as grotty. And so far we haven't even lost one to chewing.

    And my dog did the same with some of her toys. The expensive Kong dispenser I bought her, remained virtually untouched for months. Until she finally got it and now it gets emptied whenever I fill it. Same with Kongs actually. The toy she loved most was her treat ball, but I try to not give it to her too often now so she doesn't get bored with it.

    And have you considered using other things as reward, like a game of thug or throwing the ball? Food rewards are very convenient, but they're not always the best motivator for every dog...

    Also, if you can get the recall down pat, doing some exploring in the bush somewhere if you have a suitable place near you is a great way to tire a dog out both physically and mentally because it allows them to use all their senses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cracker View Post

    The bike riding is also something we have considered but we will have to take him to more training because he doesn't look where he is walking/running and would cross in front of the bike.
    A lady at the park was saying the other day that she has a pole with a bit of leash sticking out the end that she uses to take her dog on bike rides because the pole keeps him at a safe distance and stops him running in front of the bike. She didn't say where she bought it from but I just did a quick google search and found this Petego Walky Dog Hands-Free Bicycle Leash: Pet Supplies

    They wouldn't be too hard to make either.. just thred a leash through some poly-pipe

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    We have some great spots to take him but yeah..the recall button is still a little dodgy lol

    Thanks heaps for the link kristy! Will look into it - so many great ideas don't know where to start!

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    Cracker - the chewing does stop - but takes time !

    You really have a very beautiful pup there - but he has a few things against him at the moment:

    1 being a male - they can be very 'special' ! I am on to my 3rd one - and I love them to bits ! Keep up the good work with him being gentle - that will help you with the training in the future.

    2 16 months old - well I think what you were trying to say about his age - was that he had the attention span of a gnat !

    Some places for more information for you: - this on this forum and will give you a lot of information as to what your pup has gone through and what you can expect in the future. TOT is also explained there - and this is really good to get some house rules in place.

    Also have a look at this site: K9 Pro The K9 Professionals; Online Dog Shop

    and then if you still feel you have time - this one - Patricia McConnell PH.D. | McConnell Publishing Inc.

    and this one - kikopup - YouTube

    and 3 - Wow - there is a lot of pup there with his breeding ! You said that he is the best cricket hunter ever - then that will be your clue as to what will make him happy. Riley (my GSP pup) is a hunter and keeps me safe from - as an example for you - ants, moths, and lizards. He is not ball mad - but when we play 'find' - he goes nuts. I put him in 1 room on a stay and hide the ball - and he has to find it when I give the command. Doesn't take long for him to be pooped !

    So - exercising physically is important - but - exercising the brain is even better !

    Whatever you do with your pup - make it fun for all of you !

    Good Luck ------ and ------- happy reading !
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    Thankyou Riley Yes he certainly is "special" LOL I better get reading

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    Get a timber pallet and a few sheets of offcut carpet. Layer them, then screw them down to the pallet. Screw a timber frame around the edges on top of it all so he cant get to the carpet edges and tear them.

    Doesnt look massively pretty but does the job until he grows out of it.

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