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Thread: Mr Destruction no more!

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    Thumbs up Mr Destruction no more!

    Would you believe.. no shocking damage, no horror stories to tell!
    We have been leaving Hooch twice a week from 8:30am til 3pm and he is FINE with it!
    We give him a heap of different treats, food stuck in balls, dental sticks stuck in toys etc. We leave the telly on when we remember.
    Everything (hose, furniture, kennel roof etc) is brushed with crib stop paste.
    When we come home we take our time opening the door to let him in, so when he comes in - there is no excitement. We ignore him (which is so hard because we missed him!)
    I noticed he does cry when we leave him in the evenings/nights.. I dont know why he is ok being left during the day but night time he just hates us leaving him.
    Thank you everyone for the support and help you have given me during the first 3 months of my house being eaten up.
    All your advice and kind words have helped and we pretty much got it right! doggie is happy and so are we.
    On a side note... I just got a new dining suite (rubbished the one he ate), if he touches it - I *will* pull his teeth out!

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    pulling his teeth out might help hahaha

    on a serious note, as long as you provide enough physical and mental stimulation for hooch, as he grows older you won't need to be so drastic. It is a frustrating and expensive period of time bring up a bull breed pup, don't be scared to reduce the measures you're implementing now over time, they do eventually grow out of the puppy chew everything stage. I guess you could compare them to teenage males in some respects ... lol

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    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Well I guess Hooch is not going to make the dog shaming thread now... Well done BG you survived Hooch's terrible teens yay
    “All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For after all, he was only human. He wasn't a dog.”
    ― Charles M. Schulz

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    Well if ever i've heard someone jinx

    Great to hear B.G. Keep up the good work Hoochster !!

    Quote Originally Posted by reyzor View Post
    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...

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    You should take a bow, or even a bow-wow Bunny Girl!
    So many people give up and surrender a dog because of these issues
    but you have stood firm and found solutions.
    Hooch is so lucky to have you!

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    LOL welllll Sean!!! He never made it to the shaming thread because his mummy is too lazy to take photos of the dug up back yard... and LOL about jinxing myself. I will have no one to blame but myself if he does something on Thursday when Im gone to work.

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    Thats great news BG!!! YAY for Hooch!!!

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