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    So I have horses and have been taught to give intramuscular injections for there yearly boosters,

    I have two dogs, and they need there yearly boosters, I havent done dogs before but I have a few vet nurse friends who have and are willing to teach/supervise me.

    I have found online where I can get the Kennel Cough and Parvo Vaccine, but not the Distemper and Hep, There is also a Vaccine C7?? which is 7 in one vaccine, which I can find but only in bulk.

    Does anyone have any suggestions where I can get them from?


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    I just want to 'Bump' this thread for you as it's not showing up in 'Whats new' on forum. Not sure if it's the same for everyones forum but by me replying....more people might see it and be able to help you out.

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    I think you'd have to find a vet that would sell the stuff to you. It probably has to be kept in the fridge too - so sending it by post would render it useless.

    I find that the major cost of getting my dog vaccinated - is the vaccine cost - not the cost of the vet doing the injection.

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    They post injections in a little ice pack thing to keep it cool, with the two injections parvo and Kennel cough its cheaper (a hell of a lot cheaper) and I even got a discount as we took both dogs in at once, just after the distempter and Hep vaccine too (I know there is a Parvo, distemper and Hep B but i have not been able to find it avalible in single doses.

    Maybe they charge more here? :s Im not sure, Thought I would ask here and see if anyone knew where to find them. - Will have to talk to my vet and see what he says

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