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Thread: Another Rant

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    [QUOTE=Nev Allen;180448]I would love there to be legislation in place that before a puppy leaves its birth home, the breeder has to microchip every pup.
    Someone dropped a lovely GSD in at the kennel this morning, found running around a major intersection just down the road from me.
    Took the dog to the vet and it did not have a microchip and the collar tag seems to have been ripped off. Irresponsible breeders and owners need to be banned from owning any sort of animal./QUOTE]

    'Nev Allen',

    There is legislation in place in Qld for this - such as:

    Requirements for cat and dog owners - Brisbane City Council


    Managing cats and dogs - Queensland Government

    So from the above information - as far as dogs are concerned - from 12/12/2010 - all new dogs in Qld should have been microchipped - before the pups went to a new home.

    But what you are really seeing here - is - are all the 'grey people' out there who really do not think that rules and legislation are for them - so they will continue to do what they like - because there will always be someone who will pick up the pieces - and these people have no consequences for their actions !

    Something else that needs to be taken into consideration here - is that microchips do move - and - the vet may not have had that latest microchip reader.

    Has this particular pup been sent to the pound from the vet ? This will be the only way that this pup can be reunited with her owners !

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    Microchip your cat or dog - Queensland Government

    All dog and cats must be microchipped before being sold or given away in QLD now. All puppies over 8 weeks old must be microchipped - since August but maybe longer.

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    Sounds like another case of rules only applying to those who wish to follow. Its probably another cost back yard breeders don't consider and maybe think it is for real breeders. I would never own an animal that wasn't microchipped.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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