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Thread: Choosing a well proportioned dog

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    Default Choosing a well proportioned dog

    Structure in action: an interview with Pat Hastings | Steve Courtney Dog Training
    I found this interesting as it is all stuff I haven't paid attention too.
    Others might be similarly interested. Do the proportions hold true?
    the perspective is breeding and showing.

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    As a general rule the proportions hold true. My breeds are another of the exceptions as the top line is completely different to the majority of breeds.

    I like a dog that is not extreme, like the one demonstrated. It is a shame so many dogs are bred these days with big chests and sloping toplines and too much rear angles (stifle).

    I'm very pleased that my Saluki is of the old fashioned moderate type, as the standard calls for, and is comparable to those racing in the deserts of the middle east, I will likely not win much under local judges, though he's placed first in his age class all but one time. I think he will be appreciated more by international judges.

    Having said that breeding dogs is not easy, often heartbreaking and the human eye is drawn often to flashy types which is often more extreme rather than moderate.

    Certainly a well constructed dog works with less effort, but I've also seen some shockers do a full days work none the worse for wear.

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