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Thread: Poo detective

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Lady View Post
    or maybe you picked up someone else's poop....Bahhahaaaaaaaa
    Haha, maybe it's better to pick up someone else's poop than not pick any poop up at all. I've done that trying to avoid funny looks I am ashamed to say

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    my main mistake is to look in my bum bag for a pickup bag and take my eyes off the prize. If I'm good - I line up a tree and a chimney or something on the far side so I can keep a straight line to it.

    She did a liquid one once - I did everything right - but when I got there (not very far), couldn't even find a wet patch to put dirt over... sigh.

    And then, there is the grid search, up in a line u turn back 1m parallel to the first line, then repeat, working up or back... only to find never quite searched the right area. I know how those guys in planes looking for man overboard feel...

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