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Thread: Help - Dog Crate Placement.

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    Hey, i just made an account to ask this. I have a 6yo male Labrador who sleeps in a large dog crate in my room.

    My dog snores louder than any human I've ever heard and farts regularly during the night (Not sure if its a Labrador thing, but the worst farts in the world come out of this dog - no matter what we feed him)

    I've had his dog crate in my room for almost a year now, but i can't take sleeping in the same room with him anymore, its actually effecting my sleep (The only reason I'm awake right now after taking sleeping pills).

    The thing is, when i first got the dog crate, several different sites said that the best place to put it is in your bedroom, so the dog can see you.

    Will there be any negative effects if i move it into the living room/is it a bad idea/any other info is welcome

    Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes, I'm really tired!

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    Hi little fox

    I suggest you make sure your lab is not getting any food scraps - especially ones containing onions. And commercial tinned dog food is also good for room clearing farts. I feed my dog black hawk holistic (and before that nutro natural choice chicken and rice) and a home made casserole equivalent to tinned/wet dog food and her farts are usually not too bad unless she's found something bad at the park or beach.

    Snoring - no more red wine in the evenings. Or ask your vet about this. There may be something that can be done about it.

    As for the dog crate - move it about 5cm each night towards your bedroom door, then out of your bedroom to where ever you want him to sleep.

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    Why do you say to move it so slowly? I don't really have the room in my house to do that.

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    After a year your dog should be comfortable to have his crate moved. At 4 months of age my Saluki pup went from sleeping in a crate in my room to sleeping outside. He made the transition without any problems because he was happy with his home environment, something he wasn't really to do prior.

    Your dog may well be ready to have the crate moved outside your bedroom door, or to the kitchen or to some other area of the house that he spends a lot of time. If this is a folding crate I'd move it during the day, maybe give him a couple of treats in his crate in it's new spot, see if he comfortable with the idea.

    The other thing is to make sure his bedding in the crate is flat, sometimes our Gordon will snore if she puts her head at an angle on the armrest of the lounge but if she's laying flat tends not to snore. This could be just a quirk to her or it may work with your dog??

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    He'll be fine, at 6 he is a fully grown adult and he won't mind sleeping on his own at all. He might need to lose some weight if he is snoring badly.

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