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Yeah feeling a little foolish and thinking perhaps a head halti collar, will try and take better notice next time. Didnt even think of that till today!
The park is on Oaklands road in SA there is another one walking distance from my house but isnt as well fenced.

Dogs are defenetly bigger than Occy discribed but have that sort of look perhaps mastif xs I think one is brindle with white patches on feet and chest.

After all of this I will probabaly never see them again!

Off topic again but there was the most beautiful dog at the park the other day his head was pure collie looking but from the neck down he looked like a spitz (i think) pure white with curling up tail.
Can you get white collies? (I am talking lassie dog in case I have the breed mixed up)
Yeah, have good look to see if it's a Halti...he,he
I don't have a doggy park nearby, but friends of mine took their little terrier to the Golden Grove one and the little terrier got attacked by another dog-he was on a lead...and the other dog just ran towards them the minute it saw them- Scary!.