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Thread: electric shocks ...

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    Very gently kick her with your foot (shoe). Really just touch her with your shoe before you touch her - I do it to my car and it works.
    Alternatively put a weight on her tail to permanently earth her LOL <joke>

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    Or earth the human by having a copper anklet with a copper tail that drags on the ground... so cool not.

    Or you might just be able to get some copper foil and tape it around the heel of the shoe from the sole to where your ankle touches the back of it.

    #)(*$)* - evil hound just picked a clean kleenex out my pocket. The joys of fat dog on diets.

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    I mentioned this to the vet yesterday when we were there for annual health check & vaccinations. She recommended rubbing conditioner through her coat and not rinsing it off, plus addition of fish oil to her food each day. I guess it's trial and error time!

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