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Thread: Pack mentality?

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    bunny-girl - just make the reward he gets coming back to you better than mucking around with other dogs.

    It could also be an age thing - terrible teens - but - regardless he has to know your rules !

    Keep up the good work !

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    I always give Banjo an extra treat for letting me clip the lead on.

    We got into a situation like that yesterday when I was walking Banjo and the 6yo black lab we are minding and they joined a kelpie and the 3 of them started ganging up on a smallish ACDx. We actually know this dog and she is normally really happy and friendly. But I saw her put her hackles up and her tail between her legs when the 3 dogs surrounded her. I called Banjo off a few times, but don't think she understood why. And I let her go again because I suck at managing 2 dogs at the same time and I had to keep a close eye on the lab whose recall is patchy to say the least. But I finally managed to tell Banjo "leave" when she started rudely sniffing the small dog's bits when she was lying on her back in submission. I think she got that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunny-girl View Post
    Sounds great Hyacinth! because I did worry that putting him on a lead will make him escape us next time we come near him as he doesn't want to be put on it. If we use treats when we get him on the lead - that will solve that problem!
    Great ideas and advice everyone!
    To get over this, just put him on lead a lot and let him off again..So it becomes a bit of a game. Onlead will not always mean the end of fun after you do that a lot..Same as with recall. You become sort of unreliable in what might happen. On lead does not mean ( to the dog) go home/the end always (same for recall) often it means control for a while and away we go again
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    Pets are forever

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    I just talked to my husband and read what you had written newfsie. We will be doing just that.
    The german Shep that I grew up with would NEVER let us get near him when he would be off lead/escape. It was a nightmare, so it is a good thing to prevent in Hooch.

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