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Thread: Possible dog fighting in Townsville.

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    My OH would be right along side you, Sean, knocking teeth out!! We are both avid dog lovers (he loves all creatures great and small) and if anyone even looks at Oskar sideways, the OH is very protective.

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    There is a ring around geelong/Western suburbs Melbourne as well. I think it's a few people as well there are a lot of free dogs happily taken and bull breeds stolen. It's been going on around geelong for a very long time and it's not going to end soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    My workmate had to leave his 2 staffy's with friends while they where building a new house and had to live in a unit for a few weeks. His friends awoke to the sound of thier gate closing one night and caught 2 people walking down the road with the dogs on leashes....happily going along with these mugs who where stealing them. They dropped the leashes and bolted. The dogs where taken to a safer home after this close call.
    I'd be so devastated if someone stole my dog. If i caught them i would no doubt seriously hurt them. And i'd gladly dob in even the closest of mates if i thought they'd even just attended a deliberate dog fight.
    Makes me mad even just thinking there a such low scumbags out there that would do that to any animal.....and a shattered family who have lost thier pet.
    Wow that was a close call. I'd be livid, just the thought of Harley being put in that position, I know how terrified he would be makes me sad just thinking about it sometimes I hate people!

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    oh no this is discusting.. the people who are doing this could easily murder a human, and people are putting down dogs that LOOK like a pitbull when really they shoud be focusing on these pricks (excuse language) who are stealing these poor pups to put them in fights!! i say we put them down! urghh it makes me so mad... im so paranoid now as i live in the western suburbs! all i no is god help the person who took my dog

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    I hate reading this type of @#$% it just makes me so angry and fired up.

    It's just so sad to think people enjoy watching dogs fight, they must be heartless cruel pricks and as the post above said they should be put down.

    Touch our dogs and we will hunt you down!

    Yes I'm angry............................................. ..........

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