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    I've chosen to leave it for the time being unless I see her doing her slow heavy panting again. It certainly didn't look normal to me. Oh and as for the pictures I do have them hundreds intact but I'm on my iPad so I can't upload them. Thank you all so much for not allowing this to be a judgement on my behalf, and also the quick replies and thoughtful responses

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    Reneighb, does the it sound like a very slow snort (breathing in), with a quick exhale? Is the Beagle's body more rigid, with the head forward so that the neck/throat is on the same plane as the jawline?

    If so, it's definitely the soft palette, and it's a fairly easy thing to soothe... many moons ago now, one of my Beagle's suffered the same palette issue (you're right, it is a breed problem), and I could always help her out of it fairly promptly by rubbing the front chest plate in a firm circular motion with one hand, whilst the other pats the collapsing end of the ribcage (where they get rapidly smaller) like you are soothing an upset baby... the trick is to "upset" the motion of the palette, much like disturibing the rythm of hiccups (same sort of viscious circle), then just make soothing long strokes along the spine from neck to tail to help their body relax out of it (they do get quite rigid whilst it's happeneing). Talk nonsense to the dog in a modular, quiet voice to help refocus their mind on you rather than what's happening, and keep up the patting/rubbing. You may need to actually stand over the dog (one leg each side of their belly) and squeeze in with your calves to get them to stand still for you, as they do have a tendancy to want to move around with it.

    Very deep, slow, genuine panting (laboured breathing) is unfortunately a sign of heart failure, which is horribly common in elderly Beagles, and if it's not the palatte issue, then you will need to get this dog to a Vet.

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