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Thread: How to socialise my staffy with kids

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    Default How to socialise my staffy with kids

    Hi all

    my staffy is half american half english, very loyal and loving

    i had a incident, first time she saw a lil kid and went nuts, he was on his scooter
    but she just didnt want a bar of him, her back hair went up and she was very stressed.

    What do i do?
    Please help

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    I'm not really sure to be honest. The reason i'm replying is because for some reason this thread hasnt appeared in the 'whats new' area of the forum so hopefully my reply will make it appear there so someone can help you.

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    Keep her on a lead and walk her next to schools during lunch hour, to get her used to their loud voices and erratic movements. Give her smelly treats when she relaxes around them or ignores them. Honestly if she doesn't like kids, I would never have her around them, it's not fair to the dog or the kids and you can never trust her 100%. She has shown you that she doesn't like them and you must be very wary from now on.

    The time to properly socialize her around children to get her trustworthy is passed I'm afraid, you have to introduce them very early in the dog's life.

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    Absolutely, socialise her...I have even gone up to people with their kids asking if the child could pat Oskar...yes I am that bold lol, but I knew Oskar was good in situations like that, I have taken him to school a couple of times to pick up my kids, and the noise of excited children is quite loud, lol...just socialise her with children around bikes, scooters, skateboards with treats, as Mosh said....she will eventually get used to it..

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    I love my dogs but trust them around kids? nope, never as they were not socialised to them at a young age as we are out in the sticks and my kids are grown. When kids do occasionally come here they do not meet up with them without the wire of the dog yard between them and also supervised with an adult nearby in case they run over and poke at an eye through it.

    How old is your staffy?

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    I don't trust my Annabelle 100% around kids, even though she is a newfie. Something has happened in her past. And when we first got her she used to alarm bark when kids were around. never attack, but she gave of lots of anxiety and calming signs.

    But I have taught her to like kids when she is in my company. It has been done by making all the kids we meet very likable. I always had/have treats with me when I take Annabelle out in public and I really made her name a high reward. So initially I just rewarded her name. Slowly I got some really dog savvy kids......They were not bait . But I had them call Annabelle form a distance on the side and with hands steady and slow....They offered her her fave food. This was only ever done initially under full control with me and her on lead. The kids would offer her the food if she came forward. I also read Annabelle to see if she was at all stressed or worried

    It was very structured and due to meeting many kids under the initial controlled environment, she now loves kids...Luckily there are lots of kids that love and are good with dogs in my world. I vet the kids ( and the adults too initially) and as i always say, I manage her and I am fully responsible for her. Because I know that if she bites or frightens someone she is PTS and that is final..... She can go out in public with us and do carting and off lead obedience and is totally reliable. I always give kids a treat for her and I also ask them to call her name gently. It has worked for us and we can go out to very busy events.

    Would I ever leave her alone with kids never....never , except with one of my friends kids (7 year old girl), who is my mini dog trainer and so awesome with dogs, my best Student. I work with her a lot. I wish she would never grow up LOL. She gives dogs confidence and trust and just always listens so well. She can also read dogs and tell you what they are doing.

    All I can say is do lots of work under control.....if you find your dogs gets to anxious, you have been too quick. Good luck

    No idea where you are, but you might need to bring a Behaviour Trainer to help is always good for someone to see the problem. It is very difficult to guess how bad or how it might not be so bad from the written word
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    You may also find it was the scooter more than the kid himself. But it always pays to proceed with caution.

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    given your dog is a very powerful combination of breeds - and you're asking here...

    I think you may benefit from a professional behaviourist - trainer - to help you understand your dog and redirect it to more acceptable behaviour around exciting and unusual things like kids on scooters.

    I spend a bit of time with things my dog finds very exciting like cats, crows, rude people on bicycles (that zoom by way closer than they need to), horses, model cars, men with lawn mowers, noisy joggers, possums, ladies who hand out lots of dog treats, ladies who look like the ladies who hand out lots of dog treats... teaching my dog to pay attention to me instead and be calm and hold a nice sit.

    I use distance - ie getting further away from the distracting thing, and really yummy treats, and sometimes body blocking - so I get between her and exciting thing, and I face her and reward if she pays attention to me instead of thing over there...

    So if you're in Adelaide - I'd recommend contacting a guy called Mark Singer for help.
    Dog Training & Behaviour Adelaide | Dog Whispering | puppy raising - Adelaide Canine Training
    Otherwise if you say where you are (nearest big city) - we can recommend someone a bit closer.

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    Agree with Hya in here

    I have 2 Staffies both enjoys playing with out 3 yr old son under supervision I started to introduced them
    when they are puppies and by months goes by they constantly learning that my Son is top of them and not another
    puppy. Well we also teach our son manners around the dogs. 2-3 times a week I always have our son with me when
    feeding time - he holds the bowl and I ask dogs one a time to sit and wait for our boy to give their food. In saying
    constant training/repetitive actions were put in so the dogs learn.

    We also socialize the dogs a lot - like walking during weekend to the shops where people and kids around - and during
    footy season we take them to watch across the park where we live to socialize.

    in addition Obedience Training is a must

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