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Thread: Oh, the guilt...............

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    Default Oh, the guilt...............

    Java, JRT, is 9 tomorrow. He is a young 9 and still likes a long walk (the longer the better), chasing balls, playing (anyone or anything will do) and generally being busy. He is such a terrier.

    Lulu, KCC, is 9 in January. She is an old 9 and likes to eat and sleep. A small walk will do - but, yes, we do have days when Lu thinks the lounge looks better than a walk. She has arthritis and has suffered a dislocated hip. She cannot keep up on long walks and drags on the lead even though she has regular injections for arthritis and is on Joint Guard. I have had to carry her a few times or call the husband.

    The odd couple comes to mind. They are certainly mismatched in every thing from energy levels to temperament.

    As a rule I walk them both to my son's school in the morning and sometimes again in the afternoon. This is more than enough exercise for Lulu but poor Java does not fair well with such a short walk. He then gets into mischief at home - such as pulling the stuffing out of pillows or ratting a doona or he strips his tennis balls. Bad dog!!

    Because of this I now take Java for an extra long walk sometime throughout the day minus Lulu. Talk about getting a dirty look off Lulu, she gets really upset and anxious about being left alone - she then gets huffy with me upon my return! I have tried giving her treats (long lasting ones) and even sneaking out unnoticed.

    I tried the dog park - fail. Lulu hated it so much she salivated. All those dogs running around was just too overwhelming for her (princess, yes).

    The guilt is eating away at me - even though I know I am doing the right thing (cruel to be kind). She just can't keep up and would more than likely not even enjoy it but she feels so excluded when I go without her. Yet I don't want Java to miss out because of her behaviour.

    Do I want to be one of those people pushing her dog in a pram - NO, NO, NO. (Would only consider this if I could wear a disguise - maybe even just a full face balaclava.)

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Oh dear Ratbag....maybe hubby could take Java for an extra run after he gets home from work....oh and I dont blame you....I have seen a lady running along the esplanade pushing a pram with not a dog, but a cat in it on a few occasions lol

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    I don't do the guilt thing..I quite often take only one, two dogs. And if I am at the kennel Club with two, I will leave one in my van and take the other. Just give them both time. Maybe not at the same time. I think being left might be better then getting so stressed.

    I would ignore the huffy. Just go out and ignore her when you get home. She just has to get used to it. I don't mind the concept of giving a treat on the way out, but I would just go. Say nothing, just go with the other dog. And when you get home, just come inside and say nothing again. After a little while call her over to you and give a pet, do not go to her. Maybe give her some one on one time and leave the other dog for some alone time.
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    Just keep taking them to the dog park. It's great exercise for the energetic one, and the shy one will get used to it once she realizes there's nothing to worry about.

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    Take your point re dog park. But just can't do it to her. She hates missing out on a walk but she ABSOLUTELY HATES the dog park. Lulu shakes, has to be carried or dragged on the lead. First chance she gets Lu will take off out of the park onto the road to get to the car. After this happened the first time I permanently left her on the lead but she once took off unexpectedly and ran away with lead trailing. Unfortunately for her all the dogs thought it was a game and chased after her.

    Lu is social but for some strange reason she finds the dog park really disturbing.

    I guess the answer to my problem is as Newfie suggested. Have no guilt and ignore the snotty behaviour. Unfortunately she has one of those faces which make you feel sorry for her even when there is no reason to. Lulu is probably thinking

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    Maybe it would work if you left her safe in the car when you go to the dog park. Remember too that dogs don't "think" as we do and that at times we can really read too much human stuff into some behaviours

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    As soon as you mentioned her running to the car, I thought the same as Di. My previous dog was often happier in the car than at home or outside somewhere. She seemed to feel safe and secure there and the seats where nice and comfortable for her old bones.

    But otherwise, I would also ignore her diva behaviour and do as Newfsie suggests. It'll probably get easier over time. But I can relate to your feelings of guilt. Sometimes we need to apply a little bit of tough love though.

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    Why, oh why, do I find it easier to apply tough love to the kids than the pets??????????????? Therapy needed!

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    With my last old dog I used to walk her with all the others just around the block, drop her back in home and continue on with the others. Then one day we found an old babies pram out for council clean up and I joked to my ex partner that we would .put her in the pram and push her. Next thing I know he's gone back for the pram, used the base and fashoined a box for her lay in.

    She also went on car rides more while the others stayed home.

    I don't let guilt get to me. I can very rarely walk all 6 at the same time, I think firstly it's illegal?? and second we don't have footpaths around here so we'd get taken out by cars. Reason why I don't feel guilty is one it's not good for the old dog to be over exercised and two, they don't give the dog that is left at home when it's their turn a moments thought.

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    Yes I manage 6 dogs from age 2 through to 11 and I dont have time for Diva behaviour. My old cattle dog is a Diva LOL, but she has learnt to deal with it. Actually she settles in the car when I am runnning the youngsters in agility. At first she used to cry and carry on when she heard me calling them on the agility course at trials it was rather heartbreaking because she used to be number one agility dog, but now she just settles in and relaxes.

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