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Thread: What does it mean?

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    Default What does it mean?

    When we take Hooch to dog park he starts running with other dogs. He doesn't care about balls or anything else - he is really only into other dogs and he loves when they run and he runs with them.
    I noticed quite often he runs with the other dog and bumps into the owners of the other dogs full speed. I have a feeling he does it on purpose? lol surely he is not blind, he doesn't bump into anything else...
    Hooch is not huge but he is 30 kilos of bulky meat. So when he does it - it knocks the other people! It is abit embarrassing and I feel I need to apologise but I don't know what it means and how to stop it.
    It doesn't happen all the time but it does happen a few times. I don't want it to become a habit.
    Any idea what it might mean?

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    I think he is just having a good time socialising....dogs do bump into people, though maybe having his eyes checked at the vets, could be the go.

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    He's not doing it on purpose, a lot of dogs just don't look where they are going. The other dog will be drawn back to its owner and Hooch is just following it. Just apologize and move on, only an idiot would get angry at a dog for bumping into them.

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    O'mum is right - he's just having fun and being a DOG.
    in our dog park as soon as one dog runs every other dog
    will run as a whole pack.

    You will also notice the age brackets of the dogs doing
    different things.

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    Cool thanks everyone.. I kept telling my husband I am sure he is doing it on purpose lol I have to tell him it seems like I'm wrong.
    I thought it might be a certain dog behaviour.
    Thank you!!

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    Common for me too they are just focussed on the dog not the boring biped!

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    I am always terrified of getting knocked over by a playing dog because I have very fragile bones. So when I see a dog coming towards us at the off leash area, I make sure I go stand right next to a tree or something! I'm worried most about Banjo bashing into me because she is only a bit over 20 kilos but most of her weight is in her chest, so she's like a sledge hammer when she hits your legs. lol But the only times she has ever really run into me is if they are doing the play bowing and jumping sideways bit really.

    My old dog used to regularly run into my legs when she was young. She once hit me right on the back of the knees, so I went down like a rock. She did grow out of it but the funny thing was that she used to tease me by acting as if she was going to run straight on to me, honestly. I used to yell out in a panic when I saw her barreling straight towards me - slender dog, but she was once clocked running 40kph - and then she would run right past me and I swear I could see her grin at me. She still did this when she was like 10...

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    If my dog is playing with another dog and she crashes into the other dog's owners - I usually do something to calm her down for a minute ie let her know it's not ok to prang into people. I've known dogs to cause serious and expensive injuries to people by knocking them down so I don't like to let my dog do it.

    So I usually stand fairly close but about 2 to 3m away from the other owners and when the dogs circle back - I make a lot of noise so they look where they're going. Works mostly. I also remind the other owners to bend their knees - so they're ready and don't get wiped out if their own dog crash tackles them.

    And if evil hound still prangs after that - I put her on lead and stop the game and apologise profusely - tho it's usually me that gets pranged.

    I have seen one dog prang flat out into a chain mesh fence with a solid rail along the top of it - just above dog head height. But that dog was going blind and did end up blind. Same dog also wiped out a lot of people and buggered someone's knee and I don't think its owner even apologised or offered to help make good.

    A big dog like a labrador or ridge back can seriously injure people by crash tackling them - so it really is up to the owner to limit the chance of that happening.

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    Molly is definitely a leg-crasher. Not so much while running (she runs at you but then turns away last second) but while wrestling she will jump sideways and hit me or somebody else.. very embarrassing! Most people are okay with it, they understand that it's a dog park and those things happen but it still makes you feel bad. A few weeks ago there was a lady who was 8 months pregnant standing in the middle of the dog park and freaking out whenever a dog came near her but she wouldn't go and stand near a tree or sit down on the many seats that are at the park, that was quite frustrating because I was constantly having to stop Molly from playing every time she got the slightest bit excited. Meika doesn't run into people but she will stand between peoples leg's for shelter so the other dog always bowls into them.. thats quite embarrassing too!

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    Lol I was at the Spit (dog beach on then gold coast for everyone else) walking along minding my own business and a lab looking dog crashed into me, he wasn't watching where he was going. Lol I didn't mind except for the wet sand all over me, no one apologized either! Silly dogs being dogs

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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