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Thread: What does it mean?

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    I yell "aye!" really loudly when dogs come running straight at me while playing. Occasionally I've even resorted to picking up a stick and holding it out in front of me to deter dogs from running too close to me. But if there is any solid structure nearby, I'll use that for protection.

    I get rather nervous when I spot a dog owner on crutches or heavily pregnant at the off leash area. But it's more because of Banjo's annoying habit to suddenly launch herself at people when she remembers just how much she loves that particular stranger. I can usually prevent it these days, unless the other person starts talking to me and distracts me from watching Banjo's every move. She is surprisingly fast in spite of her stocky build...

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    If you want to stop it from happening, the only thing I can think of is ending the play and making him sit still with the lead on every time he collides with a human. This will teach him that he'd better look where he's going if he wants to play. Of course he still might do it occasionally by accident, but this strategy may reduce the amount of times it happens and help him to be more aware of his surroundings.

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    I apologise if Oskar runs into someone, same if my kids dont look where they are going and walk in front of people, but I dont think anything of it, if a dog runs into me.

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