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Thread: Impressive operative technique

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    Default Impressive operative technique

    I am looking at a groggy pup who got sterilized and microchipped today. A very tidy incision on her tummy with internal stitches. No bucket required unless she persists at fussing with it. This is very different to years ago. Veterinary science has clearly made some strides.
    Looking at a loooong fortnight keeping her quiet

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    It does depend on the surgeon and the dog. Puppies with low body fat and pre-heat have less vascularisation so a good surgeon can remove the underdeveloped uterus with a small hole. Large breeds, fat dogs and those that have had a season or two can need a bigger incision to make sure you do not damage other internal organs while you go fishing for it. I used to be a surgical nurse, some were tidy whereas some like a poor tiny female staffy had to be opened right the length of her abdomen with a pyometra the size of her head.

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