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Thread: Are female dogs "hormonal" after having pups ?

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    Hi 'chubbsecurity' - umm - so Snoopy didn't get his 'older lady' ?

    Sorry - but you are not quite 'with it' there with GSPs - because GSPs are not spotty - they are flecked !

    I can't imagine ACDs being classed as 'spotty' !

    I am pleased that you are on that forum - thankfully they are a group of people who absolutely adore GSPs - but from what I have seen - more importantly understand the breed!

    This will be a big change for you - going from ACDs to GSPs !!!!!

    Love both of the breeds - but - GSPs are the best - for me !

    As you said: 'Just do not know what to do' - I will ask the question ? - 'What do you want to achieve ?'

    As with everything in life - please do your homework !

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    i thought the marks on ACD (and GSP) were known as "ticking". Not sure what the technical difference between merle, ticking and spots are but I know it when I see it. Of course having multiple colours on a single hair might be it. So you're not safe in black clothes or white clothes - only tweed.

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    Hi Hyacinth,

    If you look at the ANKC standard for GSPs:

    Australian National Kennel Council you will notice the word fleck in the colour section of the standard.

    I am only going on what I know with the breed that I love !

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    Calm down, the spotty one is an ACD x.
    There is another spotty ACD girl x Dalmation.
    I know its called ticking on an ACD and flecks on a GSP.
    The mature girl "Rosie" is not available at this time. (in vet care)

    The thing here is our environment - we do not live in town.
    It is a rural property - a few hundred birds of every variety
    pass through each day.
    I have de-sensitised Snoopy by feeding wild birds in the orchard
    and even on the verandah.
    He is a bit bored with birds now except for the pheasants and ducks.
    Pheasant really gets his quiver going.

    I am concerned that two bird dogs will then become a brace and get serious.
    Snoopy has never attempted to jump fences but that is my greatest fear.
    That is why I am having trouble deciding.

    What I enjoy about the group is that it is full of people who understand my dog.
    I rarely post because he is a mutt and no one would be interested.
    I have done many hours of research on US forums as I was unaware that there
    were any groups in Australia. They are no GSPs or EPs up here, this is Staffy and
    cattle/kelpie country.

    Snoopy was an accident, the AWL staff had no idea, so called him ACD/BCx.
    I could have taken him back to the shelter and swapped him or claimed a refund.
    But my husband loved him, he had working pointers in his youth, in the days
    when kids went hunting and fishing. He was the one who saw the pointer in him as a pup.

    So I HAD to learn about the breed, and I had to learn how to train him in a very soft manner.
    He is a fantastic boy, we love him dearly and we can all see how he misses his mate Buddy.

    So if you have any advice for me on what life is like with two dogs in the house, on the couch,
    in our faces and under the covers please pass it on. lol.

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    Having 2 GSPs in the house is really no different to having just 1. I am sure that is the same story with other breeds of pups that we lucky people have in our lives !

    Though - the bed situation is definitely a different situation ! They take up soooooo much space !!!!

    But this is really not you what you are asking.

    As with any pup you bring into your life - they need to know the rules of your place - and I am really pleased that you understand that GSPs need a soft touch with training - but I really think all pups need that !

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    We could just sleep on the floor so Miss Pure Bred and Mr. Muttley can have the bed.

    Our ACDs never even considered the bed.
    They slept on the floor facing the door.
    With one eye open and both ears fully erect.

    Snoopy is in between us head under pillow (can never have enough pillows).
    Door? what door? I'm asleep. zzzzzzzzz

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    Love this from your post above !

    'chubbsecurity - We could just sleep on the floor so Miss Pure Bred and Mr. Muttley can have the bed.'

    From my experience, they would not be very happy about that and you would find them joining you on the floor ! It is not the bed as such, though they do enjoy all the comfort of the bed - but more-so where the family are !

    I do not envy you with your choices - would be a tough one.

    Have you seen these:

    Bella's profile at PetRescue - is she your new best friend?

    Girly's profile at PetRescue - is she your new best friend?

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    Re: Girly - Oh dear, every picture tells a story.
    The minute humans see flecks they attach the "cattle dog" tag.

    Re: Bella - hmmm.. shape of skull is quite distinctive. GSP not.

    Thank you for looking. I had seen Girly before.
    I will go to the Miami office on Thursday and have a
    face to face , losing patience with email and online forms.

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