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Thread: Resilient chewy toys - please recommend

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    Im for old tires here too. We have a old wheelbarrow tire that's now in its 4th year!
    A foot long log of red gum is bernie's roll it and attack it toy, that's in its 2nd year.
    The puzzle balls that "keep your dog entertained for hours" where you put kibble in. Whilst they are no longer balls, they still get chewed on regularly, one is 4yrs old.
    And ive just done a deal with the local bike shop owner, i can grab loads of inner tubes for free. Im thinking these will be good tracking or pulling.
    For people with staffy's, how about cutting to the chase, and buying a write off car, and giving it to your dog. It can eat that one. (friend has recently had the inside of car eaten when dog left for 2mins ATM dash).

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    a big bucket or bowl staffies love to put there heads in them and run aound like crazy chickens whit there head in the bowl barking like mad or a staffy ball or socer balls tied to a long rope and a tree a tug toy tied to a tree balls any size jumps lol ruby use to jump over things in the yard when i was at school long walks treat balls kongs bones blankets stuffing free toys big bin lids our staffys loved these tires rubber sticks lol and i was the one who did the clean up
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