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Thread: What just happened.

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    Default What just happened.

    I have my sons BC, Scotch visiting for the weekend. He has been here several times as my son does a few offroad motor bike races.

    He is the softest gentlest non aggressive dog out. I have had him meeting and greeting dogs at the door and running in the yard with everything from chis to Great Danes.

    5 minutes ago a customer arrives with a 9 month old Corgi male and Scoth nailed it. FUll on "I don't like you" aggro.

    What the frog was that? Any ideas where something like that comes from?

    Needles to say he will now be kept away from the front door but jees it gave me a start.
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    Was the Corgi named Bourbon ???

    Scotch always kicks Bourbons arse........if it was named 'coke' they would have had sex for sure !!! Ha,ha..........sorry couldnt help myself.
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    I had a similar thing happen with the JRT x I was minding. I'd only seen him greet other dogs on walks with tail wagging and a polite sniff. Until he met the lovely BC from across the road and just went for him. No idea why either. He actually punished my dog for not coming when called, so maybe he thought this dog was upsetting the pecking order too for some reason?

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    Two males, out of their own environments, no real intro just there in each other's faces. Bandit and his sire would kill each other if they could.

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    Could be any number of things, how long is a pce of rope??

    Could be the adolescent male thing? as already pointed out.

    Could be he just felt this one needs to be put in it's place pronto?

    Was the Corgi pulling and puffing, One of my dogs needs careful introduction to any dog that is pulling on the lead, yet is very social under other circumstances.

    BC's are funny dogs when introducing them to other dogs. I always have found them upon reaching maturity to be one of the harder dogs to match up with other dogs. Many have LFT or Low F-W Tolerance of silly dogs.

    Maybe quite simply the dog had been washed in a strange smelling shampoo, or recently to a vet surgery.

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    Yes Border collies can be funny dogs. My female doesnt like adolescents and will put them in their place, same with male dogs that try and take liberties. She sounds full on but it is all noise and no teeth.

    My male BC is neutered and he likes all females and most males but he doesnt like young adolescent males if they stare at him or look like they might get in his face.

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    BC also have really long memories of bad dog behaviour.

    So if Scotch had a previous bad experience with a dog that looked like the corgi - that dog would cop it. All corgis bad is how it goes.

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    It was always BC's that used to go for Jack when he was a pup ... i was kinda proud on the day when he decided enough was enough and pushed back(although i obviously called him off). Never been an issue since, i guess his body language lets any prospective sparring partners know he is more than willing if they want to step into the ring lol

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    Well usually Corgi's are little attitudes on four short legs ...If no real bite marks I would say it was just fine.

    Both are herding dogs, one might have given "the look" and offended the other.

    Must admit I do not expect all dogs to get along
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