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Thread: How Often Do You Walk Your Dogs?

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    When Cappy was alive I tried to walk him at least 3-4 times a week - more or less depending on work etc. When Cappy was younger he was walked every day as well as dog training twice a week and ball games etc.

    With Flash I tried to walk him a couple of times a week - he obviously gets more time now but his legs cant handle too much.

    Billie gets walked ocassionally - she LOVES going out but again her legs are the issue.

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    Well..our dog offleash park has been closed for the past THREE BLOOOOMIN" WEEKS and still counting...... (they are building a permanant fence as it was just a trail fence before)...ALL the regular dogs are frustrated and bored with just walking about the streets and not being able to run free and play...we all see eachother walking..our dogs keen to play but sulking because the can't

    Anyway...I try to take Candy out daily..but that's not possible when dh gets home from work late & I can't walk her with the 4 kids as the 2 younger ones are too she gets her excersise by playing with the kids in the yard or we get out the remote controll car...Candy chases that about till she drops!! lol

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