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Thread: What is my dog?

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    I think he's got Deerhound in there somewhere. But a fair way back a she has lost the Deerie height and shape which happens after a few generations of breeding with shorter types. What he looks like is a hunting mix. Pretty much heinz 57 varieties of sighthound types mixed up with bull breed types. They can be bred in different styles depending on the region they live and work in, and the prey they are used on. Pigging dogs are often heavier built, and roo dogs lighter and faster, but still heavier than most sighthound breeds.

    A lurcher is a term given to a dog that is a cross of a sighthound breed and a working breed - herding, terrier etc. So yes, some Australian hunting types do fit the bill, being sighthounds crossed with bull breed terriers like staffords and pitbulls. But they will often have Dane or Mastiff in there somewhere too.

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    I believe that there is a Cutieus Maximus.

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    What he is, hes a looker!

    Id say wolfhound is a possibility...lurcher sounds pretty good.

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    haha cutieus Maximus - I would have to agree lol!

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