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    Default Starting up a dog boarding business

    Hey guys, firstly it's a very nice forum you have set up here and I'm sorry if this isn't the right spot to put it. The names Josh, I'm in year twelve, a huge animal lover and strongly looking into the idea of becoming a pet boarder, for as long as i can remember i have been a huge animal lover. I'm at the stage in my life where i need to decide my future and what it is i want to do with my life. After a lot of research and contacting excising pet boarding business i think creating my own pet boarding business is really for me. Yes i know it will take a lot of hard work and a load of my time but is there really a better job than doing something you love doing and been in that type of environment?

    Been just 18 and still currently in school I have basically no money to my name so i can't go buy somewhere to build the company or have space at my own home to be able to set it up, i was just wondering if anyone would be willing to share some advice with me or has any experience in this area.

    Thanks guys and i look forward to reading your responses.

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    Step 1 : Make a business plan

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    Start saving! Lol setting up will be the largest expense. Your going to have to buy land, get council approvals, build the kennels and market your kennel to get business. In the mean time you will need to have a income that will facilitate this or at least be able to repay a business loan.

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    My advice would be to set small goals as stepping stones to your main goal. See if you can get work in a related field so you have experience in the area, and with looking after animals. Research as much as you can and just be patient, it will take a long time to save the money you need to start it up. If you could even start off doing something liking dog walking you may be able to build up a relationship with your clients and get some referrals/recommendations once you've got a business up and running. The hardest part will be the patience, set a realistic time frame and then work out what steps to take to get you there, it could be 5yrs before you can really look at getting it started. Good luck and stick to you goals, if you want it bad enough you'll get there.

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    Josh, where are you based?

    Researching the boarding business from books is not going to help you an awful lot. Hands on experience in handling and training dogs is an absolute must.

    Even if you do Certificate 3 and 4 in animal husbandry, you are still going to need years of hands on work before you will have enough experience to handle the responsability of running a boarding business. You never stop learning and I have been around dogs for 30 years.

    So that you get to see the good and the bad of what can happen to dogs, I would recommend you do work experience and voluntary work at RSPCA and a local vet hospital. After you have done that for at least 12 months, try and get a job at a larger kennel facility.

    From a cost point of view, unless your old man is going to bank role you, you are going to need a huge pile of money.

    My kennel set up caters for 60 dogs and 40 cats and will cost over $350,000 before I am finished. That does not include the land.

    Councils do not like kennels in urban or semi urban areas so you are going to have to have an acreage block far enough out of these areas not to trigger zoning conditions. You will need to allow at least 2 years to get an application through your local council and if somebody objects, that will stretch to 3 years and more.

    I applaud your enthuisiasm and hope the above helps you.
    Nev Allen
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    Nev is right on the money and with the volunteer stuff, and definitely try for as many Certificates in animal care, health and training.
    Also look at a business management course or two. It's great to want to work with dogs but in the evening once they're in bed somebody has to sort the bills and many businesses fall flat not from lack of passion but lack of understanding how a businesses works(finances, legal etc)
    Another suggestion take up being a dog walker for your local area, it will get you started on learning to handle other peoples dogs and might help you get a few extra dollars on the weekends.

    Best of luck tho and stick with it remember the old saying "Rome wasn't built in a day"
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    Hey Jozman
    i have no idea what you would need to do, but others do it seems.
    I just wanted to chip in and say.
    Bloody good on you!
    A guy with a dream and the humbleness to ask for help, awareness of the hard yards needed.
    Sounds like a recipe for success. I wish you well

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    Just popped in to say the same.
    Goodluck and start saving your pennies..
    A lot of money and time will need to be spent
    on this one..

    Go for it..

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    A more scaled down version too could be boarding in your own home when you have one.
    This can work very successfully when a hell of a lot of effort is put in.

    This is my friend's business. I have stayed there and know how well it works.

    In My Home Dog Minding

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    Depending on where you are it's the license that's the killer and many council are not issuing new ones hence why established kennels in metro areas are million $ +. I also suggest starting small and looking at an in your home type of minding service.

    I have a dog training business and my insurance is probably my highest cost, but still very manageable.

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