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Thread: What Made You Decide to Change Breeds?

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    Default What Made You Decide to Change Breeds?

    Some ppl here, and elsewhere have had a particular breed and at some point made a decision to change - either to another breed, or to an assortment of breeds, or to cross breeds etc.

    I have always had sheps and frankly have been through the very worst with them, and yet as I look toward my next pup, it will be a shep. Sure I want to own other breeds but I will always have 2 or more dogs if I can so I can have a shep and a husky, or a shep and a leonberger etc.

    What made you change?

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    In my case it was faith I guess... I just happened to find my current dogs on the street, and decided to keep them, although I said I didn't want another dog after Fedra went
    I still think I'll have shar one day again.

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    For me growing up...our dogs always came from the wasn't about what breed they were, we just bought the one we fell inlove with.

    When I bought my 1st pup @ 17, again I went to the RSPCA this time knowing I wanted a pup with a cattle dog mix...this is when I got Jess.

    Once I had Jess and got into obedience...I wanted to get a PB dog so I could do the registered breed trials rather then the mere few we got to do with the unreg dogs...hence I got my PB kelpie. Unfortunalety though, he was too wraped up in Jess being his master and not me...I also worked fulltime and he was simply board...I sold him to a great home where he became a young girls horseriding companion.

    When I bought Falcon...once again I went to the RSPCA looking for a little dog for my young kids. He was just sooo cute...he came home with us.

    Once Jess died...I didn't think about another dog for a while but it was on the back of my mind.."what shall I get next?".
    Being part of a parenting forum, I came across a few threads about dogs that are fantastic with I started looking into the Bull Arab and fell inlove with them...found a breeder and home came Candy.

    Her parents are both working hunting dogs, I knew Candy would never be doing that, so I am hopeing to get her into tracking. I know nothing about this sport yet, once Candy has matured up a bit more I will really get stuck into her obedience, then when she's about 3 or 4yrs old..we'll start the tracking.

    Variety is the spice of life...... come any pet..I'm always keen to have a change the next time round

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    Sometimes it's hard to say why it is time to move on. Often it's an accident. You fall in love with a friends dog or a rescue and you are sold on that breed or cross from then on. As we grow older our tastes and our circumstances change. Something that suited you at 20 may not hold the same appeal at 40.

    I will always love Border Collies but I will never have another. I had matured and changed and I no longer wanted that level of obedience and devotion. It sounds funny I know but with Holly my last BC I felt almost guilty having a dog who lived and breathed only to please and serve me. She was too good. This is why I bought my first Pug. I wanted an independant comedian with a stubbon streak.

    I love Pugs but I will probably never have another. This has more to do with the over popularity of the breed nowadays. When I first started out in Pugs there were only a handful of breeders around, most of whom genuinely loved the breed and were careful about what they bred. Most Pugs were sound, healthy, long lived dogs, the only major health concern being eye injuries. When a breed becomes popular the greedy jump in and matings are no longer carefully planned. It's almost impossible now to find a Pug that will live a long, healthy life, has sound movement and is not way over size. So sadly, no more Pugs for me.

    Deerhounds are my heart dogs. They are gentle giants and the best and most loyal companion in the world. I don't think I will have another. Losing them early is just too painful.

    So now I have one elderly Pug, a Sheltie and a Whippet to give me my sighthound fix.

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    Growing up I had Beau (Staffy x Bull terrier) and Missy (chihuahua x foxy)
    My brother got Beau from a pets shop and Missy was from the Vets.

    I have always loved my mutts and to be honest in my experience have always been healthier dogs, many PB dogs I have known have serious problems that I haven't encountered in any cross breeds.

    Missy went to the vets 3 times in 18 years. She was always healthy.
    Beau was plagued with Staff skin problems but was healthy otherwise.

    My brother has an English Staffy and has had problems with it since day 1.
    Shes hyper active, nearly died (if she wasn't desexed she would have) even now shes on anti- anxiety tablets.

    My sister adopted 2 Pekingese (x show dogs) 1 died after a year and the other lasted a few more years but died from a heart attack.
    She said she wouldn't get another and now has Eddie (a Chihuahua X)

    My neighbours PB Golden retriever needed a hip replacement at 6 months old.

    I just think I couldn't take the risk of owning a PB animal these days unless I thoroughly researched the breeder and bloodlines, I still think I'd go to the pound anyway.. I don't think I could buy a dog when so many need homes.

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    I grew up with a Newfoundland, but she was given to my family, I don't think Mum would ever have chosen such a big coated dog... Mum had GSDs after that, they were always about. But I met a Borzoi when I was 10 and that was what I always dreamed of having. But it seemed unattainable.

    When I moved out on my own I got an Afghan. I had him for 12 years, and my older kids grew up with him. I always thought I would always have Affies.

    But a year after I lost him I thought again of my Borzoi dream, still lurking in my mind. The internet is a marvellous thing. I found a wonderful breeder and finally got my long awaited and beautiful Borzoi.

    I now have two, their breeders are always there for support and are dear friends, and I simply cannot imagine life without these amazing dogs. I don't know why I waited for so long! But maybe the time was right when I finally really went looking for them.

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    Life in general made me change. I had all kinds of breeds and x breeds as a child when the decision to own a dog was not of my making.... or they were a stray that I had brought home

    When I met my first husband, he had a Weimeraner. We decided to purchase another. I have always like small dogs and when a friend offered me a xbred puppy I said I would take him.

    Life moved on again and I married for the second time and was dog less. The last of my childhood Pugs went over the bridge about 10 years before this ans I missed not having a Pug around. So, I went out and bought another...and soon after beagn to rescue them.

    Apart from actively seeking a Pug and actively seeking a second Wei to keep the first company, dogs have usually just come into my life without a pre-planned process.
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    Personally, I think one of the reasons is guilt. I couldn't bring myself to go to a breeder when there's so many beautiful rescue dogs out there. Having said that my current Staffordshire is from a breeder - the breeder kept changing her mind whether to breed her or not....My aim was to convince her not to. I did....and feel like rescued her from a lifetime of babies.

    With my previous dogs and the current pup it was simply about rescuing, and what i call 'love at 1st sight'. How can you look at 20 dogs at a shelter but there'll be one you just can't walk away from ( sometimes breed/xbreed you never considered) - it's like an instant connection, instinct that this is the one, and the breed or x-breed doesn't matter as much. The beauty of it is that you can see their personalities as most are adults or older pups. There's no better feeling than taking a pooch out of the shelter , into your car, driving away knowing that you've just given it a second chance. That's the reason why I'll always have a rescue. Whatever breed/xbreed i fall in love with next...

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    Thats a really good question.

    I never thought I would be anything but a Staffy Mum. But then I had spinal fusion and the strength of our staffy was way too much for me to handle on the lead. Meanwhile one of our other dogs became sick and died very suddenly (RIP Chloe). I was determined not to get another dog, afterall 2 was enough, surely?!?! But the two sooked and became attached in a very unhealthy way. So I started to research and settled on a Shar Pei. Not unlike a staffy in nature, but seemingly easier to handle on a lead. I then contacted SHAR PEI Rescue in NSW and that was it. Noah came into my life and was so wonderful I fell hook line and sinker. I was involved in SP rescue within a couple of months and the rest is history. I still absolutely ADORE Staffys, but in all honestly find the pei suit my lifestyle and health issues better these days.

    PS She who thought that 2 dogs was surely enough now has 4 and the odd foster (as I do at the moment, which makes 5)
    What can I say????? I have "sucker" tatooed across my forehead!!!
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    As a kid growing up my family have had 1 German Shepard & 2 Maltese Terriers.

    My very own 1st & 2nd breed of dog are both SBT'S. I've not changed breeds of dog nor do i intend to. If for some heart breaking reason that SBT'S suddenly were wiped out then i would be dogless, I honestly cant see myself having any other breed of dog. SBT'S have been in my heart & my life for the last 14yrs

    My OH made a silly comment to me the other week & said, "i think when we are older or when Floyd passes on, our next dog will be a small type dog", my reply was "are you f***'n serious, no bloody way am i having any other breed other than a Stafford, if i get too old & decrepit to handle a SBT, then i don't want any dog at all. Even our younger daughter shares the same love & passion as me for the SBT breed
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