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Thread: What Made You Decide to Change Breeds?

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    I used to have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, he was the best dog I've ever had he was like a little human to me, but have now lost him. Since then I couldn't bring myself to get another Stafford, it feels like betrayal or something I'm not sure, also having another dog that looked like him would bring me heart ache too. I have since then decided to get another dog and have always loved the bully breeds I've always liked the bulldogs so I went out and got me an Aussie bulldog.
    Allthough I have changed breed at this time, I can say I will always love the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and one day I will definitely get another one as for me I think they are the best dogs in the world.

    Hi Obie..

    I understand about your feelings of betrayal, i felt (& sometimes still do feel) the same betrayal when i adopted Floyd, i felt like i was being disloyal to "Zeppelin" & that i was sharing the love i have for Zep with another Stafford. Adopting Floyd was great for me emotionally, he helped me to deal with the pain & heartache associated with losing Zep. The joy & love of adopting & giving an "unwanted & unloved Stafford" a happy home is so rewarding emotionally for me. I do love Floyd with all my heart just as i loved & still do for Zeppelin.

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    I've always had Golden Retrievers, i grew up with them and they were always my best friend. I love their temprements and intellegence. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with all things animal and found the Newfoundland dog while scouring the pages of a dog book. I loved the look and the minute I read they were believed to be a foundation breed for the Golden Retriever I was hooked!

    George is my first Newfie and he has all the traits of the Goldens that I love. Over the past 20 years Golden Retrievers have gotten more and more popular and I see more and more hyperactive ones that are so far from the dogs I grew up with. With a Newfie, I knew the chance of getting a hypo dog was slim to nill. George is friendly and excited when you let him in after work, but after 5 minutes he's snoring asleep on the floor. I can take him anywhere and know that he won't wonder more than 15 meters away from me, and he is happy in my very small yard. I hope in the future he will be a good 'nanny' to my children.

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