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Thread: Kilcoy Puppy Farm Closed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Di_dee1 View Post
    mmj. Thank you for finding it for me. It is horrible.
    No worries, i had every intention of finding it and watching it myself(which i have since done) anyway, and i agree, its disgracefull. Just a real shame our govts aren't addressing the issue properly with appropriate animal cruelty penalties

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crested_Love View Post
    $35,000 was actually a lot more than I thought they would get. They usually get off with a warning, or the dogs vetted and returned to them.

    It should have been much more though... 200 puppies were whelped at the RSPCA from dams from the farm... that's over 200 grand in profit in a short amount of time... $35k is a drop in the ocean to these scumbags.
    They did say at one stage that if the (so called) breeders weren't able to be prosecuted then the dogs may have to be returned to them, that made me so sad, I almost couldn't watch any more but glad I watched till the end and saw they did get the prosecution...

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