Personally I think they should just stop selling live animals in these stores and leave it
all up to the experts..
If this happen they would shut down as their live animals whats keeping their store

Yeah as I said they had 42 ragdolls in as the owner told me and I seen them.
One store had $1200 each on 2 and yes they were stunning but you can buy a purebred
ragdoll kitten with papers for that price..
Thing is, they will get the money for them as they have main exposure.
Sad thing is, the cat will end up pregnant and in someone
elses backyard at night or even hit by a car.

I would never own an animal if I didn't have secured areas for them.
My cats have a huge cage that is built on the side of our house with
a cat flap on the window so they can still go outside but in an enclosure.
I paid a lot of money for my animals I expect to look after them the proper way.

So sad..