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Thread: So it's finally decided...for real this time!!!

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    If it were me, I'd probably go ahead. But only you can make the decision. I think lots depends on the friend who will mind him too. If they're really keen and would make sure they are consistent with him and keep up his basic training.

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    I think I'd have the discussion about what to do with dog while you're on holidays (is the whole family going or just you?) - with the breeder. They might be willing to take puppy back for a month or so - for the usual boarding fee (somewhere between $20 and $30 per day around here).

    I had two very good dog club friends volunteer to look after my dog when I went on holidays - and I had a contingency plan with a boarding kennel that I liked (word of mouth recommendation) - which meant I went and visited them - with my dog and her vax certs etc.

    So when my friends couldn't cope with her (it happened!) she went to the boarding kennel and no hard feelings.

    I thought about leaving her with my brother but his fences are not the least bit dog proof. I think the only reason his dog stays home is because she can't be stuffed going touring - she's getting a bit old now. She used to tour the neighbourhood (a different one to where she lives now) with a doggy friend and kill chooks - bad. So I'm not willing to risk leaving my dog with my brother.

    If ever you find you can't keep your dog or the behaviour is becoming a tad obnoxious and nothing you've tried is helping - do contact your dog's breeder first. They will either take the dog back - or help you find someone to sort the behaviour problems. A caring breeder's nightmare is finding one of their puppies listed in the "free to good home" part of gum tree, followed by finding out that one of the "show homes" is really a puppy farm. ARGH.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I think we'll wait. I had a few ideas of people to give it to, but nobody was quite right plus none of us want to give the responsibility of training our puppy to someone else. I have considered giving him back to the breeder for the time, but she is interstate which makes things harder. I'll contact her and see what she says about the whole thing.

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