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    What sort of games do you play with your dog to exercise their brain.
    We hide food under and in things. We hide ourselves behind trees in the park ( recall improving as a result)
    Anyone have some ideas?

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    pike a booo is
    my dog fav one
    hide and seek
    find the toy
    weres the ball
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
    I'm not going to tell ya I lost the ' , . ? ! " Keys to my head
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    Hide and seek
    Get the ball/toy
    Go find "name"

    It's a great question. Looking forward to seeing what other people play so we can get new ideas.

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    I have a long steep bank, that goes the length of the dam. ITs covered in ferns and grass, very dense growth.
    Its about 50m long.

    I go out before i take the dogs, and not treading on or in it, i throw their bones into it for the day. Take them about 10 mins to locate them. But BOY ARE THEY PLEASED at what they've found!

    I 'forget' to feed them. And they have to work out how to remind me.
    I put bricks in my gumboots when i take them off, so that they are too heavy for Pohm to lift and bring into the house through the dog door. But she'll work on it for hours.

    We all play 'freeze'. lots of movement and noise, then stillness and silence. Last one moving loses. Its rarely the dogs who lose.

    Wheres X and they have to find it: lead, boots, bowl, family members, keys, food etc.

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