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The first time I saw Kimba:
It was a freezing cold Canberra winter day. I was looking for a dog at the RSPCA shelter. I walked past her cage and she was sat at the back facing the back.
I stopped and looked in and she looked at me over her shoulder and then turned back around. I wondered how many people she had run up to greet in the past and had just given up.

Duke: We went to the RSPCA to "have a look". I saw this beautiful, tiny white puppy in the huge playpen all by himself. The attendant told me all his littermates had been adopted. She asked if I wanted to hold him. OH said: "you might as well get the paper work ready, because if she holds him, we'll be taking him home".
He was right.
He sat on my lap on the way home, and snuggled his snout into the crook of my arm. He kept his head there for the whole trip.
It's crazy, I was recently looking at his adoption paperwork, and couldn't believe it when I read that he was only 3.3kg on the day we took him home.

Chopz: We'd been scouring Pet Rescue for months looking for the "right" dog. His profile got my attention straight away. He looked so much like Duke.
We actually didn't get out to see him for two whole weeks. We took Duke out to meet him, and Chopz marched straight up to Duke as if there wasn't a 20kg weight difference between them. He had sass. The carer kept raving about how they looked like father and son! We put a deposit down there and then.
We picked him up about 10 days later, and he spent the car trip home "bossing" Duke! Very different from Duke's trip home.