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Thread: That first moment with your first dog tales.

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    HOLY CRAP !!! Staring into the sun so you'd go blind ??? Now thats really wanting a dog bad !!!!

    LOVE IT !!! LOL

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    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...

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    when we got our first dog I was I'll say 5 or more and my uncle had her hidden in his shirt she was a blue cattle cross kelpie he got from litter on his farm she was the runt and I didn't know at the time but we saved her life cause back then the runts were shot

    her name was sooty as blacky was to simple sooty loved to round up cars and die at the ripe old age of 14 on my 18th b'day this is the reason I've not got a dog till now and I'm now 25

    I miss her everyday

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    The first time I saw Kimba:
    It was a freezing cold Canberra winter day. I was looking for a dog at the RSPCA shelter. I walked past her cage and she was sat at the back facing the back.
    I stopped and looked in and she looked at me over her shoulder and then turned back around. I wondered how many people she had run up to greet in the past and had just given up.
    She was so incredibly sad. When i asked to see her the lady working started opening the next cage as no one had shown interest in her for a while.
    A week later she was at my house

    Bear: I was given a photo of him and thought he was cute. When I met him he was a totally different looking dog.


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    Mac. A rough collie was going to be put down, my dad brought it home for me. We met, and i just knew, with all my 8 yrs of wisdom, that this was meant to be my dog.
    It turned out to be my first experience with dog/owner bond that has occurred with some of my dogs, but not all. Sometimes, we just 'click' dont we.
    Im on dog 3 of that experience now. Not with Pohm, but with Bernie

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    Shelby is our first dog

    I met her brother on Saturday night, and their owners told me the breeder had one beautiful little girl left out of the litter. She was the runt of the litter and had to be hand fed due to her size (about 150 grams). I didn’t have enough money to buy her on the Sunday, so I over drew my savings account, to ensure I had enough for her, food, bed etc.

    All my debtor invoices were to be paid on the Tuesday, but i couldn’t wait. I had to have her NOW. Im that type of person, when i have my mind made up i have to do what ever instantly. We did a lot of research that night though, on the breed, what to expect and schooling for her. So while it was a quick decision it was most definitely a well thought out decision.
    I called the breeder on Sunday and asked if we could meet her, with the intent to buy her. One look at this tiny little puppy and my heart melted.
    She is such a happy and crazy little thing.
    My 3yo son said “nawwww she’s soooooo cute” this coming from a little boy sealed the deal.

    I have never been a dog person, in fact, I hate to admit, I really didn’t like them. Mostly the poop. I was a cat person, because at least they go and dig a hole, crap in it and cover it up.

    Shelby, is (i don’t know how lame this is) really is the little girl i never had. Being a mum of 2 boy children it is nice to have a female in the house as well. Even a female dog lol.
    She is doted on like a child and while she still has her place in our family, and will always be a “dog” she makes me question why and how people can leave their dogs out 24/7 barely give them attention and treat them like crap. They give so so much warmth and love.

    I have also noticed she has started to distinguish her relationships with each of us. She knows to be gentler with my 5 year old son, because he is sensitive and not as outgoing.
    She knows she can get a little rowdier with my 3 year old son, because he is playful and has no fear.
    She knows that my husband is the shit picker upper and times it perfectly to p*ss him off :P
    And i am the mumma bear that cuddles and kisses and she is really warm with me.
    We have only had her for a few weeks, but i really couldn’t imagine my life without this little chickadee.

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    My first dog i can remember was a corgi......sissy. I saw her at my babysitters place. I would spend hours with her and when it was time for the pups to go to their new homes she came home with me. We would sleep together, share icecreams(one lick for her and then one for me) and we would go for walks to the shop, mind you i did the walking and she would be in the dolls pram dressed in clothes, she never tried to get away once. She was beside me every step of my childhood. She had puppies on my bed(after the nasty dog over the back got to her) and Mum and myself were the only ones who could go near them (Agaiin i spent hours sitting in her box with the puppies. They all went to great homes and they used to come over for visits. How i loved her. I lost my first friend the day she had to be put to sleep(she lost the use of her back legs)

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    The first dog i can remember owning would be oliver, a tri-colour Beagle, I was about 15 when we got him. My step dad and mum went to pick him out while my little sister and I were at school, but brought him in the car with them when they came to pick us up in the afternoon. He was the cutest puppy i had ever seen, big floppy ears, little face and big brown eyes that would (and still do) melt your heart.
    He sat on my little sisters lap on the way home, half way through the trip he threw up in the middle of her lap and then quickly jumped onto the seat next to her and curled up in a ball like nothing had happened, once he did that i knew we were going to get along just fine.
    I later found out (a few months later) that the breeders were not going to sell him (his parents, and grandparents were all champions) but his left nut had not dropped so they considered him faulty and did not want to use him for shows because they were not sure if it would drop or not, but thank goodness because he is a fantastic, loving dog (lives with my mum and little brothers and sisters now) and a giant sook who tucks himself into your bed at night and then takes up as much of the bed as he can by lying underneath the blankets stretched out in a diagonal fashion.

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    Meika was my first dog (not a family dog). My partner and I bought a house, decided on a 6 week settlement and were researching what type of dog breeds we wanted. After 2 weeks of argueing (he didn't want a big dog, I didn't want a little dog, he didn't want a cattle dog, I didn't want a spaniel etc) I dragged him along to the RSPCA so we could get an idea of what type of dog we both liked. I remember we were walking around and nothing really stood out to us, everything was barking and carrying on and then we got to Meika's cage, she was laying down on her bed, trying to sleep (was the only dog not barking) and saw us and ran straight up to the front of the cage, and stuck her little paw out of the gap between the gate and the fence so we could pat her.. I remember saying to my partner "I'd give up having a big dog and take this one any day" but we still had 4 weeks until settlement on the new house and weren't allowed pets at our unfenced rental so we fell in love and then had to leave her there knowing that she was the sweetest, quietest, cutest dog there and would be adopted pretty quickly.
    I spent the next 4 weeks routinely checking the RSPCA website like 20 times a day to see if she was still there or if she had been adopted, and the day before settlement on our new house she was still available so I went back to the shelter, begged the staff to let me adopt her and pay for her but not pick her up until the next day and thankfully they did! So thats how I ended up with Meika I'm still amazed that she was in the shelter for over 4 weeks before she was adopted but I'm also very thankful that she was because she really is such a darling and we love her to bits! Makes it feel like we were meant to be

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    My first dog was a family dog, I was probably about 5 or 6 and the only thing I remember is all the tan and black puppies rolling around and one of them climbing into my lap and falling asleep. We took her home, Cassie out German Shepherd X. She was such a great dog, naturally good off lead (wasn't interested in other dogs and would just follow you around). She died at the age of 15, only a couple of years ago ... I still miss her.
    "In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semihuman. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog." - Edward Hoagland

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    The first dog I remember is my Mums dog Bessie. She was a pup when I was baking away in my mums tum. She was a dingo x bull terrier x something else but from what I remember was a great dog. Fairly tolerable of naughty little girls too "my" first dog was a Blue Heeler named Summer, I loved that little miss so much. She was quite the hussy too and had a few litters of pups with the dog next door. We've only got one picture of her though, well my Mum has it. I'll have to get a copy one day

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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