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Thread: Ant problem with dog food

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    So dont yous leave dry food out for the puppy/dog ? cause i do and thats were ants get into

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    leaving food out for the dog all the time is called "free feeding" and there are lots of reasons why you don't do it.

    1. your dog gets fat because it eats too much because it can. some dogs don't eat enough or often enough and have problems like seizures because of that.
    2. your dog can be harder to train, because it takes food for granted and is never hungry enough to work for a treat. It can also reduce your dog's inclination to pay any attention to you because you're not the source of its food (good things in life).
    3. leaving food out attracts pests like ants, birds, cats, rats, mice
    4. it causes problems if you get another dog or have one over to visit.
    5. it makes house training more difficult because there is no set time when the dog is not eating and the bowel is emptied one last time for over night. If they can eat late at night they may also crap late at night.
    6. it makes boarding the dog with someone else more difficult - especially if they have a dog too.

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