Takes a lot to make me laugh out loud, but that cat piss video did it for me, Sean.

If you're not prepared to take your car and home security apart - you can get one of these.
Motion-Activated Sprinkler ScareCrow Animal Deterrent

I recommend the duct tape and toilet roll treatment for its sensor tho cos it isn't very accurate otherwise.
Motion Activated Sprinkler VS. Cats - YouTube

My sad story about pissing pooping cats... both my neighbours had one (each). And they thought my back yard was fair game for their toilet - until I got the dog. They certainly stopped nocturnal fights under my bedroom window.
Both of these cats died (of heart attacks?) within a year of me getting the dog.

Frosty did manage to corner them on many occasions but always kept a safe distance - eg 3m until cat eventually managed to leap the 2m fence. I'd have a heart attack if I was the cat too.

And now if I want to wind her up, I stand at the back door and say "ollie ollie ollie" - which is how my neighbour calls their new cat.