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Thread: Desexing Dog, Personality Changes?

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    Default Desexing Dog, Personality Changes?

    Hi guys,

    I have a half English half American Staffordshire Bull-terrier that cocks his leg up every 30 seconds when I take him out for walks. My old man reckons that desexing him will stop him from doing it anymore?

    Did anybody notice a personality change though when they desexed their dog? I love how he is now and don't want to mess with his body if there will be side effects.

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    Desexing does not always stop marking,sometimes they never start if desexed early........

    My girls seem no different, My boy is a full male. He never lifts his leg when on lead, trianed to concentrate and not to do it.......kept him busy initially and just "oi'd" him intitially. We got him at 4.5 years old.......Totally different when off lead , he likes to mark every bush
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    firstly, welcome to the site........ you'll find lots and lots of information here

    as for the desexing..... is there any reason you wont desex him? are you showing or breeding from him?

    if not, then i would suggest desexing him, so long as he is old enough as it minimises many risks for your dog later in life..... as can be described here Desexing male dogs
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    No it does not stop them..
    I have a cattle dog that is 6 year old..We had him fixed
    2 years ago..
    He pee's on everything...He patrols the front of our property and everything
    I spray citronella every second week end to try and stop the smell..
    He is totally the same nature never changed him in anyway....

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    Welcome to the forum, I didn't really notice any changes in either of my dogs personalities nor did it stop harleys constant marking while we were out walking. He still has the need to pee on just about everything.

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    I didn't notice any personality changes in the 2 I have had desexed but I did notice my male lifting his leg a lot less on walks. So yes, it helped mine.

    BUT I have a FEMALE who after desexing started lifting her leg on things... But I think she's just a bit "special" and it had nothing to do with desexing She has always been a very dominant dog.

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    Doing it on walks is normal both our boys just had to mark every tree in the neighbourhood,
    although an oi or ahah, then walk on the path would end it.
    We have a foster dog who started marking the furniture once he settled in.
    He had to be desexed anyway (rescue org policy) and after that he didnt do it anymore.

    It did not change his personality. He is still active, happy and playful.

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    Hooch is just over a year (we think) and he still wees like a girl. He only raises his leg when another dog does on the same spot infront of him.
    He did it like a girl before and he still does after he was fixed.
    His personality did not change at all. He humped a little bit before the surgery but now he does not at all.
    He is just happy go lucky.

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    Oskar is 12 months old and pees on everything (not in the house thankfully) and he isn't desexed, however that day isn't looming too far away.

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    Poor Oskar... run Oskar run.. hang on to your bits!!!

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