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Thread: Show dogs not pets :(

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    it funny how some showies use their dogs, i guess its each to their own, the dogs are well cared for etc, but me personally would hate to have to pass up my dog jsut cos he was "no good to me"..... i love the lil fella, even though he may have chewed the gas hose from the bbq twice this week (the new one is wrapped in jack chain), he may have torn a couch to bits when he was younger, and he may have chewed the timber handrail outside....... still wouldnt be able to give him awaylike that.....

    the breeder i got him from want to start show training with him.... im not to fussed either way...... but i know the breeder i got him from gives his dogs the love and attention that they deserve......
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    They might be kept in mansions, the dogs dont care! They might have diamond collars, the dogs dont care!
    They just want/need love, training and attention

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    When you are a breeder you do have to weigh up your options. You can't keep every dog you breed, it's impractical.
    A good breeder will always be trying ot improve the breed, and if you have a dog that you have bought or bred that doesn't fit into your breeding program or doesn't have any "use" for breeding then it's best to pet home and make room for a "better" dog who will help you to continue improving the breed.

    I am in no way defending SHOW ONLY people who get rid of dogs, but BREEDERS who do it make perfect sense to me. It's for the love of the breed as a whole.

    Currently we have 9 dogs here (mine and my mums combined) only 3 are show dogs, the rest are fat happy house pets who will never leave us... But then again, we don't breed any more so no need to do a "clean out" to make room for the next generation.

    I'm not silly, I recognise there are some show people who are only in it for the wins, the prestige, whatever, but thankfully I have been raised better than that and once one of mine stops winning and are pulled from the ring they stay with me for life.
    If I ever get into larger scale breeding then my outlook may change but for now, if I buy a dog it's here to stay.

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    Some showies are "hardened" and can rehome dogs that are not good enough without a good cry. I wish I could be harder but I can't. If I could I could bring more to the breed, but I'll leave that up to others.

    However sometimes what someone says and what they really feel can be two different things. Before I can part with a dog I often look for all the negative things about them, it may be that they bark more than the others or they dig up the bedding, or pick on one of the younger dogs for example. It's my way of helping me part with them. But never think for a moment that I'm not exceptionally fussy in finding that dog the right home.

    I sold one of my dogs earlier this year, he was 8 months old. He hated the show ring. So instead of subjecting him to going to them I decided to find him a new home. I was going really good at it until the new owners said "I don't know how you do it", and that was it I broke down and then too so did my husband.

    I'm not saying these breeders were the same, but they obviously put a lot into their dogs and quite possibly he's a very well adjusted dog that will go on to make a fabulous pet.

    It took young Finn about a week to settle in to his new home and the photos and conversations I've had with his new owners shows that he's loved and loving where he lives. I matched him to a wonderful family who's whippet was missing canine companionship after their older whippet died.

    As a person who works in boarding and has rehomed dogs and also fosters and has purchased myself older dogs I do see how quickly dogs stop looking back.

    Unfortunately picking top dogs when they are puppies is not easy and breeders will have to rehome, otherwise they would only be in breeding for a short-time before they hit their dog limit or financial limit or time limit or all of the above. Then we wouldn't have experienced breeders.
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    Thanks for the insight guys. There's a lot more to this 'showing' than just rocking up with a good looking dog and taking home a prize !!!

    One of these days i'll get along to a local show and see for myself what it's like. We will be seeing a bit more of these people no doubt. They are pretty cool folks, just diffrent ideas and ways of owning a dog.
    Should be interesting.
    I didnt ask if the dog that was moving on was going to another show person or becoming a pet. I'll bring it up with them next time i see them.

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    There are all sorts of people who show, you have to take the bad with the good unfortunately.
    I know show people who just keep their dogs kenneled 24 hours a day, and I know show people who have all their dogs in the house with them.

    If you go along to a show guaranteed you will find someone to talk your ear off about their breed, I'm one of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    Thanks R.P.

    Do showies swap or lend dogs to other states because they become to regular on the local show circuts ?
    Do judges sort of get sick of seeing the same old dog wether they win or not ? Or is it just to keep things new for the shower without having to breed or purchase another dog?
    The training you come the original owner cant train the dog to show? I bet it must be tough to say goodbye to some of these dogs. It's not somthing i could do (i'm hopless at goodbyes with dogs).
    Sorry for so many Q's. It's all new to me and i find it very interesting. Thanks for the info guys.
    Mostly they swap and lend interstate because they may have two or more of their own dogs or bitches of the same age group competing against each other, so it makes sense to send one interstate resulting in two first prizes instead of one first and one second etc. Also it is a great way to run on two pups from a litter without a boss/slave pairing resulting because they are being raised together.

    And some have more time for training than others. Plus trying to train two puppies at once is six times as hard as one at a time!

    Yes of course it's tough when they go, they've been part of your family. But knowing they are going to equally good love and care and that the change itself will help them to adapt with less stress should anything happen to their owner is a big help. And I'm always looking forward to the next young challenge to come along and educate me to his/her points of difference!

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