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Thread: Dog park etiquette question?

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    It depends on how you react as well - TBH If that's my dog annoying other dog or person I will straight away ask my dog to get off or pull her out the scene, well that's me. These things happens unintentionally, you as the owner of the dog that is being annoyed should have stepped in as well, try to separate your dog. f you failed to show to the other owners that it is enough then they will think that its ok, it is a dog park Majority of people thinks its ok because they are playing.

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    Actually the people I've spoken to at the park get all confused when they see a dog hump another one and are all like "it's so weird coz he's desexed" or "but she's a girl I don't know why she's doing that". They think of it only as sexual, instead of level of arousal or dominance.

    I agree that if you don't show you are annoyed they won't do anything about their dog. I also wouldn't take my dog out of the park, I'd tell them to control their dog. As Hyacinth said, it's harassment.

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    It sure looks sexual to me. Like masturbation for dogs. Ie fun.

    So if you don't like it - make it stop. Don't wait for the other owners to grow a brain.

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    I find masturbation looses it's fun after 10 minutes. 30 minutes jeeezuz !!!

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    Oskarsmom, desexing will probably have no effect on your dogs humping. It is not sexual.

    It's a training thing and OP, you need to step in quickly next time and, loudly, say something on the lines - frogoff and leave Hooch alone. Loud so the other dog's owners hear you. These owners are totally irresponsible and if their dog happens to start doing that to a dog that does not want the attention ,there will be an argument. They need to be told this is innapropriate and they have to control their dog.

    I like Seans idea best though. I think that would be really funny.
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    I have entire dogs and there is no humping unless it's the bitches as they are coming into season or the dogs when they are having a mating.

    I have been at dog parks when one dog has singled out another and more often than not they are desexed males, singling out an adolescent dog.

    Personally I'd ask the other people to control their dog, because although Hooch tolerated it this time it doesn't mean he will the next time and I'd rather avoid a possible problem and that is exactly what I'd be telling them.

    My gordon was the subject of attention from a large dog one day, it was not impressed when she turned around and did the same to him.

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